Truth reveal about Intel’s Arc Alchemist graphics card first phote leaked

Intel is buildingcommitted gaming graphics cards, thanksoutside in Q1 2022, so wemight have just obtained our very firstcheck out themajorone, the Arc Alchemist. Here are severalleaked outphotos from YouTuber Moore’s Regulation is Lifeless (by way of Videocardz):

Arc is Intel’s new GPU brand,
designed tocontend with Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon, along with the Arc Alchemist may be theinitial GPU in the company’s roadmap that isreallyscheduledto release. The businessexperiencedearlierbuilt the Intel DG1 to examine the GPU seas, but that had been a fairlyweakcredit card, in line with the Xe LP (reducedenergy) graphics structure, and buyers couldn’t basicallybuy it. This new cardis part of Intel’s Xe HPG roadmap (higherstrength / gaming) which issaid toprovideoverall performancesimilar to an Nvidia RTX 3070 as a result of 512 renderingunits (EUs) and 16GB of GDDR6 memory space. Please more visit

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