Story of “Dave Chappelle controversy”

Two Netflix employees in the middlefrom the Dave Chappelle controversy have filedworkfeesversus thebusiness, alleging the internet streaminglarge retaliated towards them for participating insafeguardedexercise.

B. Pagels-Minor, a
Black colored trans systemdirector, was fired whenorganizing a walkout linked to Netflix’s assist of Chappelle’s humorousunique The Closer, which waswidely condemned as transphobic. Terra Industry, a trans software programprofessional, was suspendedsoon afterposting a viral tweet lineregarding theissue.

said it fired Pagels-Minor for allegedly seepingprivatedetails – a costthey have got categorically refused. The company said Field was suspended for attending a director-level meeting she wasn’t supposed to, though it reinstated her after finding no ill intent.In thecost, Areasays she and hundreds of other Netflix employees had beenwelcomedto attend the conference. More about on original website

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