A guide for nurses to protect their nursing license – Can an attorney help?

Nursing supervisors and nurses should work hand in hand in order to create a workplace culture that is safe and secure. If you’ve been wondering about protecting yourself, your nursing staff, and your nursing license, you’ve clicked on the right article. Amidst this nursing environment, even a tiny error can lead to criminal liability that can lead to the cancellation of a nursing license. 

According to attorneys that help with nurse licensure issues, nurses should safeguard themselves as well as their licenses to be able to assist patients. Keep reading to know more about how nurses can protect their licenses.


  • Invest in malpractice insurance or personal liability

Personal liability insurance is also called nursing malpractice insurance, medical malpractice insurance, or errors and omissions insurance. Even though you are covered by your facility, it is still a smart idea to have personal liability insurance. This guarantees you will stay safe in the event your facility gets sued.


  • Charting is important

Being a nurse, you have to constantly keep things charted. In the world of healthcare, if something is not chartered, it wasn’t done. Whenever a legal team or hospital management team is looking for a patient’s file to find out how a death or an injury took place, they’ll look at everything that is charted. Nurses should follow orders, express concerns, fight for patients, and be attentive.


  • Cross-check and verify medications

There are several hospitals that have medication policies like blood or narcotics products demanding other nurses to double-check every medication. Make sure you never miss this double-checking procedure to ensure giving the right medicine. Use the medicine administration record to check which medicines to give to the patient. Make sure the pharmacy has approved the medicine before giving it.


  • Speak for yourself

Nurses should be able to advocate and speak up for themselves and demand a safe work culture. If the nurse thinks that the work environment is not safe, she should be vocal about it. They have the right to say ‘no’ and make the organization address this concern. In fact, often, nurses require completing a safety report to be brought to the manager and several other decision-makers.

Therefore, now that you are aware of the ways in which you should protect yourself and your nursing license, follow the tips given above. Seek the help of a nursing attorney who can guide you with the dos and don’ts of this process. 

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