Private Equity Professional Mark Hauser Highlights Reasons for ROI Regarding Dominion and CAVA

As the founding member and co-Managing Partner at Hauser Private Equity, Mark Hauser has played a pivotal role in a number of major deals throughout his 35+ years in the industry. Throughout that time, Hauser has made a name for himself as a private equity investor with a particularly savvy eye for potential.

Recently, Mark Hauser saw two major financial pieces make headlines with a compounding return to his work at Hauser Private Equity. Let’s take a look at these two news stories to see how they connect to Mark Hauser and his work in the field.


The Dominion Voting Machine Lawsuit

The 2020 Presidential Elections in the United States of America were rife with claims of voter fraud. Fox News was one of the major news outlets claiming that Dominion Voting Systems had engaged in voting fraud through its machines.

After purchasing a 76% stake in the company in 2018, Staple Street Capital Group decided to protect its investment by suing Fox Corporation for defamation. The company was asking for more than $1.6 billion in damages, though the settlement would be for roughly half of that amount.

Staple Street had enjoyed an infusion of cash from sources including Hauser Privat Equity just a few years prior. Hauser stated of the outcome of the case, “We are very pleased with the outcome and think that Staple Street has handled the situation very well on behalf of their investors.”

Mark Hauser was one of the few voices to speak on the subject of the Dominion Voting Machine lawsuit, with Staple Street and Fox News both opting not to give a comment.


Introducing the CAVA IPO

Cava is a fast-casual dining restaurant with a focus on customizable dishes, fresh ingredients, and delicious Mediterranean food. Mark Hauser and Hauser Private Equity would join several other major private equity investors as they helped to prop the business up. Impressed by the fast-casual approach to high-class food, Mark Hauser was effusive with praise when deciding to invest in the company.

On June 15, 2023, Cava announced that the restaurant was going public after filing paperwork with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Since the original investment by Hauser and HPE, Cava has seen its small fast-casual dining experience grow to 100+ locations in the United States.

The IPO is a major move for Cava as it gives the company further opportunities to continue recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. For his part, Hauser touted the brand’s strong identity and commitment to culinary excellence as two early indicators of potential success.

Staple Street has long invested in middle-market businesses while prioritizing adding value via partnerships. Staple Street focuses on mutually beneficial partnerships, fast execution of every transaction, and the ability to navigate complex scenarios successfully when choosing which companies to invest in.

Learn More About Mark Hauser

Mark Hauser is based in Cincinnati, where he operates as a proven fund manager and co-investor. Focusing on high-net-worth families as well as individuals in middle markets and lower-middle markets, Hauser Private Equity leans on its vast multi-industry experience when providing support.

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