What is Facebook Meta – Is facebook Company New Name Meta ?

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Facebook Inc is nowreferred to as Meta, the companymentioned on Thursday, in a rebrand that concentrates ondeveloping the “metaverse”, a distributedvirtualatmospherethat thiswagerswill be the successor for themobileweb.

brandtransformmay come as the world’s largestsocial mediacompanyfights criticisms from lawmakers and regulatorsover its market placeenergy, algorithmic selectionsalong with the policing of abuses on its services.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg,
talkingon the company’s reside-streamed digital and augmented truthseminar, explainedthe latestnamemirrored its workpurchasing the metaverse, instead of its namesake social networkingservice, that cancontinue beingcalled Facebook.

The metaverse
is actually aword coined inside the dystopian innovative “Snow Crash” three decadesago and nowbringing inviral buzz in Silicon Valley. It refersextensively to the concept of a discussedinternetworldwhich is oftenutilized by peopleutilizingvariousproducts.

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