Is Nintendo Closing Redwood City and Toronto offices

Nintendo is shutting its Redwood California, City and Toronto, Canada offices, the organizationverifiedwithin adeclarationon the Verge. Kotaku notedin theclosingof the Redwood Metropolisworkplacesearlier on Fri.

Kotaku records that about 100 workershave been displaced from the Redwood Cityofficeson account ofyour choice. Nintendo declined to comment when we asked how many employees would be affected by the move, but its statement above does suggest some employees will be able to relocate.It is not clear why the places of workare beingclosed.

The Redwood Areaplace of workis stilldemonstratedover aroad map of Nintendo’s place of workplacesabout the company’s jobswebsite. “Here you’llfind theMarketing and Salesdepartments, along with NMI, a dedicated merchandising disciplinecrew who work withstoresacross the country,” a descriptionscans. The Toronto officecan also beneverthelesson the site, referred to as a “sales business office for NOCL.”

As of earlier today, there were no open positions listed for the Redwood City location, even the company appears to have had an open role for a “Specialist, Experiential Marketing” as recently as two days ago, according to Google caches.

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