Which manicure for which type of nail?

1 – The classic manicure

The classic manicure is a quick and easy option for all nail types. It consists of nail cleaning and trimming, followed by polishing and nail polish application. This manicure can be done at home or in a beauty salon. The first option is the least expensive. This type of manicure offers a certain simplicity. Unlike other types of manicures, it does not require any specific equipment or skills. A simple file is enough to file your rounded, oval or square shaped nails, etc. In addition, it helps keep the nails clean and well maintained.

However, the classic manicure can have some drawbacks. First of all, it does not include the maintenance of the cuticles. But it also does not provide an extra layer of protection to the nails. The nail polish can therefore break or fade more quickly. At the same time, this manicure does not offer much variety in terms of style or finish. For a demanding woman, this option might not be satisfactory!

2 – The French manicure

The French manicure is suitable for all types of nails, although it is particularly suitable for short or square nails. The French manicure is an elegant and sophisticated style of manicure. It consists of a transparent base followed by a white line painted on the edges of the nail, then a clear varnish for a shiny finish. It is a suitable option for formal or business events. Indeed, it gives a classy and neat look, without being too flashy or catchy.

Nevertheless, the french manicure can be difficult to achieve at home. It therefore requires the help of a professional. Also, drawing the painted white line at the tip of the nail may take some practice to achieve a clean, even look. That’s why this type of manicure can cost more. Also, it requires regular maintenance to prevent the white line from flaking or eroding.

3 – The American Manicure

This is a manicure suitable for people who want a shiny and long-lasting finish. This manicure technique includes a base, two coats of nail polish and a transparent top coat. It is the ideal manicure for women who want well-polished, colored nails and long-lasting results. In addition, it is suitable for all types of nails.

The American Manicure
But the American manicure requires more time and effort than other types of manicures. The application of several coats of nail polish is essential. Also, the excessive use of chemicals can be detrimental to the health of the nails and the surrounding skin. It is therefore important to use quality products and to respect the precautions recommended by professionals. In any case, the “American nail art” or the American pose is one of the most popular manicures nowadays.

4 – Spa Manicure

Like the previous ones, this manicure is also suitable for all types of nails. However, it is particularly suitable for women who want to take care of the health of their hands, fingers and nails. This manicure usually includes several steps:

Soaking hands in warm, soapy water
Nail Filing And Polishing,
Hand and arm massage with oils and moisturizers.
The spa manicure provides relaxation and deep hydration for nails and skin. It also strengthens the nails and improves their general appearance. In other words, the manicure spa offers an experience of relaxation and well-being. This is why it is one of the trends of the moment, especially for group events or special occasions.

Spa Manicure

Price-wise, spa manicures can be more expensive than other types of manicures. This is because it requires the use of high-end spa products. It also takes longer due to its multiple steps. Finally, it is important to find a quality and well-equipped spa. The tools used must be sterilized to avoid the risk of contracting a disease.

5 – The gel manicure

If you have soft or brittle nails, a gel manicure is a good choice. This manicure technique consists of an application of nail polish

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