CAF: He was asked to reimburse €6,500, justice said “no”

Why did CAF request a reimbursement of €6,500?

The story takes place in Pont-Saint-Martin (Loire-Atlantique) in 2016. The CAF of the region had indeed noted a change in the situation for this young woman. She had reunited with the father of her child. According to, “the applicant maintained a “marital life” with a companion, while it was “not disputed” that she said she was living “isolated” two years earlier. »

CAF thus wanted to question the reality of their separation during these 5 years. From 2011 to 2016. To do this, she asked the young woman to repay €6,500 in personalized housing assistance (APL) and social housing allowances (ALS).

A completely unjustified decision for the beneficiary. However, CAF investigated the situation of the young woman. This request for reimbursement would come after “testimonials from neighbors”. These would have provided proof that the two spouses were still living together during this separation.

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    • Why did CAF request a reimbursement of €6,500?
    • Justice is on the side of the young woman
    • cif refund

Justice is on the side of the young woman

“If [Mr. X] carried out the majority of his races in the south Loire, the latter explains, in a detailed manner and without being disputed, that he carried out these races when leaving his place of work. And the path leading him to the home of [Ms. X], where he went regularly to take care of their common son, [Ms. X] having been unable to find a childminder”, then explained the judge in charge of the ‘affair.

cif refund

“Part of his expenses were made in shopping centers in the north or in the center of Nanets. The amounts of expenses are not incompatible with a single life. Moreover, the testimony of two neighbors alone does not make it possible to establish a common life. “, defended CAF.

The doubt still hovering, and for lack of evidence in favor of the CAF, the justice decided to erase the debt of the beneficiary. The latter will even receive compensation from the Family Allowance Fund. CAF will have to pay him €1,200 to pay his legal fees.

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