Essential Video Equipment for Live Streaming

Live streaming has become a highly profitable enterprise over the last several years. It’s also become popular; there are now 3.3 million broadcasters per month, representing a 63.5% increase from the previous year. The top 10 Twitch streamers may earn more than $20 million yearly.

You may want to get into the streaming game. If so, it’s best to consider this as a business startup. You’ll need to invest in the best equipment to make the best video content before you receive a profit.

So, what sort of video equipment do you need for streaming? Keep reading to find an answer to this question!

Audio Equipment for Videos

The first step in recording live streams is to find audio live streaming equipment. Audio sources primarily mean microphones. The best microphone should accommodate your voice and provide clear audio for your audience.

You can use three types of microphones to record your live streams. These three types include:

  • built-in microphones
  • USB microphones
  • XLR microphones

The most popular choice for live streaming is USB microphones. This device connects directly to your computer and provides excellent sound quality. They’re also affordable and user-friendly for many streamers.

Some streamers with bigger budgets may use an XLR microphone. These devices provide top-quality audio for streamers. However, they require audio mixers to use.

Video Equipment for Live Streams

Live streams require video sources to record you and your game screen. There are four types of video cameras for live streams:

  • webcams
  • DSLR cameras
  • camcorders
  • action cameras

Webcams are the most straightforward video set up for streaming. It connects directly to your computer and provides a built-in microphone. They often provide decent quality for live chats and gaming streams.

DSLR cameras offer mirrorless cameras and excellent video quality. These devices provide ultra-high image resolution, making them suitable for live streams.

Camcorders are among the most expensive options on the market. However, they provide top-quality footage that makes them great for streaming. Your camera is built for professional video recording and provides 4K resolution.

Finally, there are action cameras. These small cameras produce powerful video quality that captures action-packed footage. Some streamers use these cameras to record sports and other high-paced scenes.

Video Production Equipment Accessories

You may need additional accessories to record your streams, regardless of your microphone and camera. Additional equipment can make your camera and microphone more efficient.

For example, many professional live streaming services include tripods for their video cameras. They also have arms for their microphones to give the appropriate amount of distance between you and the device.

Find the Video Equipment You Need for Your Live Stream

Finding the best video equipment for your live streaming is essential to start your streaming work. So, decide what type of microphone and camera will work best for your streaming.

Then, decide whether you need additional accessories for this equipment. You can use this information to create a budget for your streaming work!

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