How to Synchronize Users to Duo from Active Directory


Duo is a communication tool that is popular in the enterprise. It allows users to chat, share files, and connect with colleagues without having to leave their desk. While Duo is a great tool for collaboration, it can be difficult to manage users and get them in sync with Duo from Active Directory. In this blog post, we will show you how to synchronize users to Duo from Active Directory using Powershell. ### Topic:

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How to Synchronize Duo Users in Active Directory

1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers on your domain controller and open the Users container.
2. Right-click on the user account you want to synchronize and select Synchronize from the context menu.
3. On the Synchronization Options page, select Active Directory from the Synchronization Type dropdown list and click Next.
4. On the Account Settings page, specify the credentials of a user who has access to both Duo and Active Directory (the synchronization administrator). If you don’t have a user with this permissions, create one now by entering their email address in the Email Address field and clicking Create.
5. On the Password Settings page, enter the password of your synchronization administrator in the Password fields and click Next.
6. On the Summary page, review your settings and click Finish to start synchronizing your users to Duo!


If you want to synchronize users in your organization to Duo from Active Directory, there are a few requirements that must be met.

First, you must have an Active Directory account for each user that Duo wants to synchronize.

Second, you must enable Duo authentication on the users’ Active Directory accounts.

Third, you must synchronize the users’ AD accounts with Duo.

Fourth, you must configure Duo LDAP server for synchronization with the Active Directory server.

Synchronizing Duo Users in Active Directory

Synchronizing Duo Users in Active Directory

If you have duo users configured in your Active Directory, you can use Duo to synchronize their user data. This will keep their personal data up-to-date and synchronized between the two systems.


Duo is a great tool for collaboration, but sometimes it can be difficult to sync users to Duo from Active Directory. In this article, I will show you how to do it using AD Sync and PowerShell. This process will ensure that all of your users are automatically synchronized to Duo when they log in from AD, regardless of whether or not they are currently signed in to Duo.

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