What is “this name does not exist”?

What is the Name Server Service?

The Name Server Service is a Windows service that helps your computer find the DNS servers that it needs to resolve domain names. The Name Server Service listens on TCP ports 53 and 853, and it retrieves information about the registered domains and their associated DNS records from a number of name servers.

What is “this name does not exist”?

“This name does not exist” is a message that appears when you attempt to search for a name on the Web. It’s usually an indication that the name you’re looking for doesn’t exist as an online entity. There are several possible reasons why this might be the case. The name may have been deleted from a web site or it may have never been created in the first place. In some cases, the name may simply be misspelled.

How the Name Server Service Works

The name server service is responsible for ensuring that domain names are resolved to IP addresses. When a user types in a domain name, the name server service looks up the corresponding IP address. If the IP address is not found in its database, the name server service will query other name servers for the information. If none of the other servers have the information, then it will query a root server for the answer.

How to Obtain a Domain Name

Domain names are unique identifiers for websites. When someone types in a domain name on a web browser, the browser contacts the DNS server to determine the IP address for that domain name. Domain names can be bought and sold, but most people get them free through their internet service provider (ISP). When you create a website, you need to purchase a domain name and register it with your ISP. There are many domain name providers available, but GoDaddy is one of the most popular.

To register a domain name with GoDaddy:
Log in to your account at www.godaddy.com Click on Domains under My Account Click on Add New Domain Name Under “Hosting Plan”, choose “Custom” Select “New and Used Domains” Type in the desired domain name (examples: thisnamedoesnotexist.com) From the “Name Servers” drop-down menu, select the nearest location for your DNS server (usually within your country) Click on Next Step Complete the remaining fields and submit your information

What to do if your Domain Name is Taken

If you find that your domain name is taken, there are a few things you can do to try and get it back. The first step is to contact the registrar or owner of the domain name and ask for the name to be transferred to you. If this does not work, you can file a complaint with ICANN.


If you type “John Doe” into Google, you’ll get a list of matches. If you try to search for “John Smith,” the results will be different because that name is not registered with Google. So what’s the deal with John Doe? In general, when a name is not registered with a search engine, it means that the owner of that name has not opted in to have their name included in search results. There are several reasons someone might choose not to register their name with a search engine. For example, they might be using a pseudonym or they might not want their personal information shared publicly.

Some people also use unregistered names for privacy reasons. For instance, if John Smith is married and wants to keep his marital status private, he might choose to use a pseudonym instead of his real name. In some cases, an unregistered name can indicate that the person using it is not the rightful owner of the name. For example, if John Smith owns the trademark “John Doe,” he would probably want to register that name rather than use an unregistered alias.

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