Understanding Rental Laws in Scottsdale

The rules governing landlord-tenant interactions seek to protect both parties in the event of any issues; therefore, as a property owner, if you are leasing your property in Scottsdale, you should be aware of them. Anybody who signs a lease, once it is executed, gains certain legal privileges. The rights, for instance, cover access to property that is maintained, and livable and the right to privacy. Furthermore, it’s crucial to understand that the owner, like the tenant, is entitled to certain protections. A notice to comply or vacate can be used to evict a tenant if the landlord discovers, for instance, that they are engaging in criminal activity or are frequently late with rent payments. Get in touch with a property management company to understand the laws. 

If you have rented your property, there are certain things that you will need to provide the tenant with.

Provide move-in documents:

Once a tenant moves into your property, you’ll have to provide the tenant with their move-in documents right after they arrive. This move-in document will contain details of any previous damage, a copy of the lease agreement, and their other rights as a tenant. 

Property free of any infestation:

Additionally, the landlord has to educate the tenant on the best practices to avoid bed bugs and pest infestations. Also, the landlord cannot rent out a property that is infested with bugs and pests, unless they address the issue by getting extermination services. 

Disclosure of the address and location of the owner:

Under the laws of Arizona State, the landlord also needs to disclose information related to the place of residence and name of the property owner. This is especially important if there is any dispute, the tenant will reach out to the owner in need.

Rights regarding security deposits:

Also, it should be emphasized that the landowner is not permitted to demand a security deposit that exceeds 1.5 months’ worth of rent. But there is one exception. The landowner may collect a bigger security deposit if the tenant pays it voluntarily. If the landlord is renting out a mobile home, he might also want a bigger security deposit.

Final thoughts: 

It might be challenging to follow all the rules for those property owners who are not well-versed in the specifics of renting homes. A mistake can also result in a legal issue. Contacting a property management company that will do all the work for you will help you prevent that from happening.


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