Vadym Novynskyi Announces Change of Ownership in Smart Holding Recent Restructuring Round

Smart Holding recently announced that its founder, Vadym Novynskyi, would give up his shares as part of its latest restructuring round. Novynskyi placed his ownership stake in a trust in November 2022. The deal, which was struck in accordance with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, was done so that Novynskyi could focus on private interests. Smart Holding’s global portfolio boasts a number of companies under its umbrella, including real estate, oil, mining, and steel.

Novynskyi was steadfast about building a diverse group of assets that could stand its ground in nearly any global catastrophe. Today, as the war with Russia continues, the company is taking careful steps to ensure its longevity and profitability. Above all, the leadership team hopes to be the driving force behind a successful economic recovery in key sectors as soon as the war concludes.

Day-to-Day Operations

Vadym Novynskyi hasn’t taken part in the management duties of Smart Holding since 2013, so immediate changes to the operation won’t be significant. The same management team will oversee the more prominent strategies and routine tasks of the organization.

Smart Holding was officially founded in 1999 as a means of managing projects in the mining and metals industry. The original business model was easy to pivot to a vertically integrated model that could scale with domestic and foreign demand for these critical products.

Since arriving in Ukraine from Russia in the 1990s, Novynskyi has committed himself to the country. He wanted Smart Holding to have a foundation that would be stable enough to grow over time. He used his acumen, insight, and experience to unify interests for the common good.

Giving up his shares is just one more way he’s helping the company run as effectively as possible. He has confidence in the trustees to own and manage Smart Holding’s assets, especially given their expertise in the industry. All administrators were appointed in full compliance with Cypriot regulatory agencies and Novynskyi is confident the group has what it takes to maximize the net worth of the organization.

Smart Holding’s Mission

The CEO of Smart Holding, Julia Kiryanova, vowed to help the Ukrainian economy avoid further devastation. She committed to post-war reconstruction, assuring citizens that Smart Holding would play an active role when the country was ready.

“Smart Holding has a mission to support the Ukrainian economy to withstand the devastation of the war, and will actively participate in the post-war reconstruction,” she stated. “We also have ambitious investment goals as part of our growth strategy internationally. We believe that with the talent and experience that we have accumulated in the management team, the company will rebuild its assets and come out stronger.”


Kiryanova’s comments are perfectly aligned with the ethos that started Smart Holding. Vadym Novynskyi has been a Ukrainian citizen since 2012 and was elected a member of Parliament in 2013. After he elevated the country’s economy by way of new jobs and opportunities, he set his sights on writing better policies for the country. The co-author or author of more than 100 draft laws, he’s not affiliated with any political party.

Some of his most important legislation was drafted to help preserve religious rights and secure the futures of displaced peoples. Before the war began, he looked for peaceful solutions to help Ukraine and Russia avoid violence. In addition to his work in Parliament, Novynskyi’s philanthropic efforts earned him the Order of Merit in 2009 from the state and several religious awards. He’s known for supporting a variety of causes, such as health care, family protection, and cultural restoration.


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