8 Predicted User Interface Design Trends for 2023

Before we begin, here are a few stats to ponder:

  • A study conducted by Forester revealed that good UI design can increase a website’s conversion rate by up to 200%.
  • According to Stanford’s web credibility research, 75% of users form an opinion about a company’s credibility solely based on its website design.
  • Around 59% of users want a stunning website design compared to the 41% who prefer something simple.

As you can see, engaging and immersive user interface design is one of the key elements of good UX.

Several other factors such as accessibility, usability, findability, credibility, and value are also important. But it is difficult (if not impossible) to get a website’s or app’s UX right without a good UI design.

So, if you are planning to hire UI designer India to give your website a makeover or build it from scratch, make sure to pay extra attention to the latest UI design trends.

Top User Interface Design Trends of 2023

In 2022, experts predicted that UI designers would create powerful and stimulating visual experiences through bold layouts, multiple fonts, competing elements, clashing patterns and colors, and little white space.

Sure, some of these are rather obnoxious and brash design choices, but they became the “hot new thing” that UI designers were going for.

With the new year just around the corner, it’s time to hit the refresh button and see what to expect in UI design in 2023.

1.     Motion Design:

Back in the day, creating animations for websites and web apps was complex. That is primarily because designers had to juggle multiple things like animation quality, its effect on site performance, and the size of the site.

A lot has changed since then. In the age of smartphones and fast internet, designers have much more room to play with UI designs. When utilized correctly, motion design can make any website or app feel more responsive and enjoyable.

Motion design, especially in the context of UI design, is a lot more than just decorating. It is a functional element that can help users understand a website’s or app’s flow and hierarchy of information.

2.     Gradients:

Color gradients are not new to web design, but their popularity had dwindled in the 2010s when minimalistic, flat designs took over the internet. But when Instagram redesigned its logo in 2016, it gave gradients a new lease on life.

We can expect gradients to be a hot user interface design trend in 2023 simply because of the value it offers.

Designers can incorporate gradients in logos, backgrounds, header elements, icons, typography, buttons, photos, and more. They can also use gradients to help various elements on the website pop.

Gradients are an excellent addition to UI design because they help to create user interfaces that are memorable and eye-catching.

3.     3D Graphics and Imagery:

Increased usage of 3D graphics and imagery is going to be one of the top user interface design trends of 2023.

Integrating various 3D elements in UI design is quite a challenge, mainly because it is time-consuming and requires a specific skill. But when done right, it can be extremely rewarding.

UI designs made with 3D graphics and imagery are always good for attracting and retaining user attention. Graphics of that sort can be a game changer when the photo content you need is simply too expensive or impossible to get.

Just take a look at how this website uses 3D imagery to make the UI design come alive.

4.     Brutalism:

Honest, unapologetic, bold, and hideous. That’s how most people would describe brutalist web UI design.

Although it is still niche-specific, brutalism is slowly catching the fancy of UI designers. Right now, it is most often found in cutting-edge websites and apps such as art-museum sites, designer portfolios, and digital agency sites.

Brutalist UI design exudes a kind of ruggedness and lack of concern that makes it look easy and comfortable. This type of design is typically a huge hit among the younger generation.

5.     Card UI Components:

Cards are best described as box containers that hold pieces of information. This simple UI component has become an integral part of web and mobile user interface design. Every other app or website today uses cards, and they are going to exist in 2023 as well.

Cards make features and content more discoverable, and they also look great on any screen size. Ideal for browsing information rather than searching, cards make it easy for users to scan information on a website or app.

One way of making layouts with cards more effective is by allowing users to quickly digest large portions of content and then dive deeper into things they find interesting.

6.     Creative Cursors:

Not everyone pays active attention to mouse cursors, but they are the unsung heroes of every screen.

Despite being vital means, through which users interact with a website and browse its different sections, cursors usually remain silent elements.

But they don’t have to be! The rise in custom cursor development and Google chrome extensions for custom cursors are indicative of a change. People are now moving away from generic cursors.

UI designers have taken a hint from the likes of Discord, TikTok, and Duolingo and realized the true value of custom cursors.

Custom cursors not only look fun, but they also add a playful element to browsing and exploring a site or app.

We are likely to see more and more designers incorporate custom cursors in their user interface design.

7.     Bold and Distinctive Fonts:

A list of user interface design trends won’t be complete without a word on fonts! Typography is one of the most crucial design elements that designers can mull over for hours and days on end.

The right typography should not only convey the brand identity but should also be readable and aesthetically pleasing.

Bold and characteristic fonts are going to rule 2023. There are several excellent choices starting from high-contrast serif and rustic fonts to colorful and kinetic fonts.

UI designers can also experiment with custom fonts that have the same bold and distinctive appeal.

8.     Immersive Scrolling:

Immersive scrolling is one of the top user interface design trends of 2023. This simple feature can create a delightful and engaging user experience.

Websites with immersive scrolling differ from most other websites because they tend to be dedicated to a single narrative or subject. Websites with immersive scrolling also typically have a long page as opposed to multiple pages.

When incorporating immersive scrolling in a website, UI designers need to be mindful. They need to pay attention to every detail to present the content of the website both creatively and strategically.

Wrapping Up

These are the top 8 user interface design trends of 2023 that you should watch out for. A lot of new and exciting things are happening on the UI design front, and designers are coming up with excellent ideas every day.

Most of the user interface design trends of 2023 are going to be human-centric to appeal to the users more effectively. Since users are growing more and more demanding, it is becoming harder to please them.

So, the trick lies in knowing what your audience likes and expects from you before making crucial UI design choices.

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