Give your garden a unique look with an outdoor canvas

Do you still spontaneously think of a paper poster with a football player or artist on it, with the word poster? Then you should know that an outdoor canvas is a completely different matter. As the word says, this poster is intended for outdoor use in the garden or front yard. An outdoor canvas is perfectly suited to give your garden an additional look or to cover an unsightly garden wall. And although you can perfectly have football players or artists printed on your outdoor canvas, most people opt for very different scenes. From a beautiful beach to a green meadow, a mountain landscape or a view: everything is possible. There is a choice of thousands of photos.

Choose what you want on your outdoor canvas

It all depends on your taste and what you like. The possibilities are immense and it is even possible to upload your own photo and have it printed on your outdoor canvas. If you choose this option – which is not more expensive – you will have a unique copy.

Choose an outdoor canvas with a UV-resistant coating

An outdoor canvas is not made of paper. Logical, because an outdoor canvas must be able to withstand all weather conditions. An outdoor canvas is therefore provided with a special protective coating. This layer also ensures your canvas is easy to clean and does not discolour in the sun. Actually, you don’t have maintenance at all. If you don’t go crazy with your outdoor canvas, it will easily last 20 years.

Always customization possible with an outdoor canvas

You do not order an outdoor canvas in a standard format. No two gardens are the same, so it is important to first measure your garden wall or spot where you want to place your outdoor canvas. It is then possible to order your outdoor canvas to the nearest centimetre. This way you always have a perfectly fitting poster. By the way, there are many hanging options, so that your outdoor poster always comes into its own.

Do you want to know what is possible with an outdoor canvas and how you can integrate it in your garden? Here you will find a lot of example garden canvases, but you can also find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. Outdoor canvases are indispensable and more and more people are starting to experiment with them. What are you waiting for?

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