New Baby Flowers: How to Greet a New Life?

Flowers are a traditional gift to celebrate the birth of a baby. Parents try to create a welcome atmosphere to start raising their mite, so send flowers Singapore can help to beautify the child’s space. Here are some things to consider when you want to send a bouquet of flowers to the freshly-minted parents and their newborn angel.

Pick the Right Flowers

Whether you are buying flowers from a local florist or ordering an online flower delivery service, it is vital to choose the heads that will not provoke an allergy in a baby or their parents. Pick blooms that do not contain much pollen in them, such as irises, orchids, or roses (but not wild ones because wild flowers are generally pollen-rich).

When choosing flowers online or in a physical store, you should consider the color palette. Many modern parents would appreciate gender-neutral colors, such as orange, peach, yellow, and white. Popular choices also include multi-colored floral arrangements and rainbow bouquets.

If you order best flower delivery, pick blooms that emanate a soft scent. Certain flowers have a strong smell, but for a baby, it is better to choose slightly scented options. By picking soft-smelling flowers, you will avoid the problem that the little recipient will be bothered by the strong fragrance. Daffodils, irises, and sunflowers are the safest path to follow.

Consider Extras

At the store where you decide to buy flowers, you can find lots of additions to supplement the main bouquet for a newborn. You can include a card with to make your gift more personal and special. Write in the card some congratulatory and encouraging words to show you share the new parent’s joy.

To make your floral arrangement more festive, along with the favorite flowers to be liked by the baby and parents alike, you can include some extra stuff, such as balloons. Lots of online floral boutiques offer amazing collections of newborn-themed balloons with same day delivery.

Adding cute toys to the main flowers bouquet will elevate the festivity of the gift and provide the baby with something they will be able to play soon. Stick with safe, simple objects that do not represent any hazards for a little creature.

A marvelous expression of your joy will be to include a separate bouquet exclusively for the new parents. The arrangement can consist of any flowers that suit the taste of the new mom and dad. By doing so, you will show that you are thinking of them all, not just a baby.

You can also include extra gifts for the parents, such as a box of sweets, a fruit basket, or soothing candles. Make sure the supplemental gifts will be useful and safe for the parents and the baby alike. Note: during the early days of parenthood, the adults may not have enough time to devote to themselves. So avoid giving alcohol or restaurant gift cards when you deliver flowers.

Mind the Delivery

In most cases, flowers for a new baby are sent shortly after the happy family is back at home from the hospital. If the birth has been complicated, wait until the baby is healthy and then send a bouquet.

To welcome a new life with the best flowers possible, consider sending a bouquet with the same day delivery service. If your shipping method is slow, you can end up giving flowers that have begun to wither.

Note that parents will often receive lots of flowers for their new baby. To make your bouquet stand out from the crowd, consider sending flowers with a lovely vase or an appropriate container. Interesting themed containers are found in abundance at florists, but make sure you choose a vessel that fits the tastes of the new parents.

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