What Are the Most Common Workplace Injuries?

With 2.7 million workplace injuries occurring in 2020 alone, the number has decreased over the past few decades thanks to the implementation of workplace safety standards.

However, 2 million people injured at work is still a considerable number! Understanding how and why these injuries occur can help both employers and employees alike remain vigilant.

If you’re looking for more information about workplace injuries, keep reading. You’ll find a list of the most common accidents, how they occur, and key prevention tips.


By far, the most common reason that people sustain injuries at work is due to slips, trips, and falls.

Slipping on wet floors that aren’t clearly marked or tripping over equipment left negligently in walkways can cause harm. These are the most common causes of work injuries.

Employers should remain vigilant and ensure their staff is up-to-date on safety protocols. This includes marking potential hazards. However, it’s essential to stay aware of your surroundings to do your best as a worker to prevent injury.


Whether you work a manual labor job comprised of lifting heavy boxes or you sit at a desk for work, ensuring that your employer has adequately trained you on how to prevent muscle strains is crucial.

Similarly, employers who frown upon workers taking their legal break time are to blame for overexertion. Breaks benefit productivity because they help ensure staff receive enough time to rest. Failure to take proper breaks can lead to workplace accidents caused by fatigue or fogginess.

If your employer hasn’t provided the proper training and you suffer an injury, you’ll want to find a workers compensation lawyer. They can help you find the justice you deserve.


Though less common than other physical injuries, exposure to harmful elements, toxins, and chemicals can leave you feeling ill and cause chronic issues.

When these elements come in contact with your eyes and skin or are inhaled, they can wreak havoc on your body. From burning to respiratory illnesses, protecting yourself around the equipment is crucial. This includes reading all labels before handling chemicals and wearing personal protection equipment.

Falling Items

Finally, when items are improperly stored on shelves or carelessly affixed to equipment, they pose a severe risk of falling and injuring someone. If you’re hurt by your employer’s negligence, hiring a lawyer is a great course of action.

Once again, staying aware of your surrounding is crucial to help avoid being struck by falling items. Employees should receive proper training on how to secure items to shelving.

Understanding How Workplace Injuries Occur

No one wants to get hurt at work. Keeping these common workplace injuries in mind can help employers and workers alike prevent unnecessary harm.

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