7 Best Furry Halloween Costume Ideas For 2022 Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner – a time of spooky fun and entertainment, an evening of adventure and horror stories. This is an opportunity to throw out the gathered negative energy, have fun and fool around. And also – to appear at a party in an unusual way for everyone (and for yourself). How did you forget to buy a furry Halloween costume? Is there a few days left before the party, or even less – a few hours? We will save you by suggesting best Halloween costume ideas! We will show you how to create an ensemble of things for Halloween with your own hands! You can also get them online like from dhgate or Amazon if you are late and can’t make costume at home. So Lets Begin!

Here are the first tips:

  • Remove everything black, red, orange and white from the closet;
  • Use the maximum paraphernalia;
  • Many accessories;
  • Make an audit of New Year’s outfits that may come in handy;
  • More expressive thematic make-up;
  • Tousled hairstyles with multi-colored strands are welcome;
  • A themed manicure is required.

DIY Furry Halloween Costume Ideas

Use whatever you have in your closet! Let’s start creating creepy-beautiful thematic costumes.

1. Spider Woman

The costume can be embodied in two versions: gray-black outfits with cobwebs or Spider woman – a female copy of a fearless movie hero. For the first option you will need:

  • Lace blouse-gossamer or cape;
  • Openwork dress;
  • Jewelry with spiders and insects, lace choker ;
  • Mesh sandals or high stocking boots ;
  • Gossamer tights.

As you understand, it is not necessary to use all this together, only one or two details can be used. However, Halloween welcomes an excessive of accessories!

For the “spider” option: blue and red things. Fix everything with spectacular makeup, body painting in the form of a cobweb.

2. Cute Vampire

Complete the combination of red and black things with terrible streaks of blood near the lips. Color your hair with tonic in a fiery color. For the look, heels and beautiful jewelry around the neck will be appropriate.

3. Watermelon Queen

Dresses and T-shirts with shining smiling watermelons appeared in stores. And if you don’t have time to go to the store, then just find an orange skirt or blouse. Earrings with watermelons or a folded keychain for a handbag can be made independently in a few minutes. Plus a black gothic lace choker, which can be made from an openwork ribbon.

4. Creepy Doll

Abandoned doll from the closet came to life! Find any short print dress, draw a heartbreaking body painting, stick on fake eyelashes, decorate yourself with a homemade tattoo choker, bows, make pink or blue hair.

5. Bat

A feminine black or dark brown outfit is complemented by a mysterious eye mask. Or maybe you have a fashionable cape dress  or a dark poncho that is relevant this season. In extreme cases, a light dark shawl or dress with sleeves expanding to the bottom. Definitely – expressive makeup in the shades of the night.

6. Funny Ghost

For a festive occasion, ruin a white t-shirt by displaying circles for eyes and a mouth on it, add a few more large chains to the outfit. Got more time? Then sew a white cape with a hood.

7. Black Cat

It has long been proven that a black cat brings happiness to the house. Therefore, we attributed it to the good heroes. Dress up in an outfit with a silhouette of a tailed graceful cat and charm everyone with your plasticity and sly look.

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