How good girl perfume is Making Slutty a Fresh New Word

What is good girl perfume?

What is good girl perfume? A fragrance that exudes innocence and cleaneness. Good Girl Perfume is a trendsetter in the world of perfume, responsible for changing the way women smell. Created by Christina Perri in 2008, this subversive scent is made up of fresh citrus, flowers, and green notes. It’s a refreshing alternative to traditional cologne scents that make women feel sexy and confident.

The idea behind good girl perfume is simple: to create a scent that projects an image of refinement, sweetness, and innocence. This isn’t your typical smoky or musky fragrance; good girl perfumes are light and airy, perfect for summertime days spent outside with friends. They’re also great for work meetings or formal occasions – anything where you want to project a professional image without coming across as too serious or stuffy.

If you’re looking for a unique new scent that will make you stand out from the crowd, check out good girl perfume!

How do people use it?

People use “good girl perfume” to ward off any advances from men and create an air of innocence. Good girl perfumes also make women feel more confident and sexy. By smelling like a sweet, innocent girl, you can make any man want to take you home and ravish you.

There are many different types of good girl perfumes available on Some perfumes are light and floral, while others are heavier and more musky. No matter what type of perfume you choose, it’s important to find one that complements your own scent profile. If you’re looking for a light fragrance, try something with sweet notes, like a jasmine or rose-based perfume. If you’re preferring a more earthy smell, go for a fragrance with woodsy or mossy notes, like amber or patchouli oil.

No matter what type of good girl perfume you choose, it’s important to keep in mind the following tips:

1) Choose a fragrance that is appropriate for your skintype – some fragrances are heavy and will leave your skin feeling oily or greasy after application, while others are lighter and won’t leave an oily residue behind. Pay attention to the ingredients list on the bottle so that you know which type of fragrance will work best on your skin.

2) Choose a fragrance that is not too overpowering – many fragrances available at stores are

Why is it so popular?

There is something about a good girl that just doesn’t quite do it for us. Whether it’s the perpetual innocence or the lack of spice, we want someone who can add a little bit of heat to our lives. And that’s where slutty comes in.

Slutty is the new word on the block when it comes to fragrance and, according to, it’s here to stay. The website says that slutty perfume has everything going for it – it’s sexy, flirty and alluring. And, as with any trend, there are a number of reasons why this fragrance is so popular right now.

For one thing, there is something undeniably appealing about being able to smell like a sex goddess. Secondly, there is something distinctly modern and liberated about wearing a fragrance that tells the world you’re not afraid to go all out and be yourself. Finally, there is no doubt that slutty fragrances are associated with confidence and self-assuredness – both qualities which many women would love to feel more of in their lives!

The Different Types of Good Girl Perfume

The Different Types of Good Girl Perfume

There are a few types of good girl perfumes, and each has its own unique purpose. Here’s a breakdown of each:

1. The Classic Fragrance: This type of perfume is designed to smell like a traditional feminine fragrance, like jasmine or lavender. They’re often considered more subtle and less overpowering than other types of perfumes, which is why they’re popular choice for women who want to project an image of being conventional and well-mannered.

2. Floral Fruity: These types of perfumes are based around notes such as apple or peach, and they tend to have a fruity scent with a kick. They’re typically recommended for women who want to smell sweet but not too sweet, and they’re perfect for summertime outings when you want to feel light and airy but still look glamourous.

3. Sultry Spice: This type of perfume is all about the undertones – vanilla, amber, cardamom – that give it a warm smell reminiscent of spices such as cinnamon or clove. They’re perfect for women who want to project an image of being sexy and sensual without necessarily having to resort to using strong scents.

The Benefits of Using Good Girl Fragrance

Good Girl Fragrance is a new perfume brand that is making slutty a fresh new word. The company focuses on designing fragrances that are light, refreshing, and sexy. They believe that all women should feel confident and sexy no matter what they are wearing.

One of the benefits of using Good Girl Fragrance is that it can help make you more confident. When you use a good girl fragrance, it sends the message to others that you are not remotely interested in being labeled as a slut. This can help to boost your self-esteem and make you feel more confident in any situation.

Another benefit of using Good Girl Fragrance is that it can help you to feel more attractive. When people smell good girl fragrances, they often think about how attractive the person wearing the fragrance is. This can help to boost your confidence and make you feel more attractive in any situation.

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of using Good Girl Fragrance is that it can help reduce unwanted attention from men. When people smell good girl fragrances, they often think about how slutty or dirty the person smells. This can lead to them being less likely to approach or talk to you in any situation.

How to Pick the Right Good Girl Perfume for You

How to Pick the Right Good Girl Perfume for You

When you want to smell sexy and sophisticated, you need to choose a good girl perfume. There are a lot of options out there, and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. To help make your decision, we’ve put together a good girl perfume guide. Here are five tips to help you pick the perfect scent:

1) Think About Your Moods
If you’re looking for something that will make you feel happy and confident, try something floral or fruity. If you’re feeling down, go with something more moody or mysterious. The key is to find a fragrance that matches your personality and mood at the time you’re wearing it.
2)Consider Your Office Style
If you work in an office where some people might find your scent offensive, consider choosing a different fragrance. Some office-appropriate fragrances include light florals, citrus scents, and herbal aromas. Just be aware of who might be around when you’re wearing them so that you don’t offend anyone unintentionally!
3)Think About Your Social Circle
Do you want someone to think that you smell nice? Then go with something sweet or delicate like jasmine or tuberose. On the other hand, if you want people to know that your head is up your ass (or somewhere else), then opt for something more assertive like musk or ambergris


When it comes to girl perfume, there’s a lot of things to take into account. You want the scent to be feminine and sweet without being too overpowering. And you definitely don’t want anyone to mistake your perfume for someone else’s. has got you covered on all counts with their incredible selection of good girl perfumes. From woodsy scents that will make you smell like a natural goddess, to fruity fragrances that are sure to please boys (and girls!), has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Give them a try today!

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