What is r/lsf, and what are the rules?

What is r/lsf, and what are the rules?

r/lsf is a subreddit dedicated to the discussion of leather-related topics. As one of the most active subreddits on Reddit, r/lsf is a great place to learn about the latest in the leather industry and connect with like-minded individuals. One of the most important rules of r/lsf is that all discussions should be respectful. This means that no personal attacks, insults, or bigotry will be tolerated. While we understand that sometimes disagreements can get heated, these behaviors have no place on r/lsf. In addition to following the rules of respect, make sure you are aware of some of the other important guidelines that govern r/lsf: no advertising or begging for donations; do not post sexually suggestive content; and stay on topic. If you want to participate in discussions on r/lsf, make sure you are familiar with these guidelines and follow them accordingly. You will find that this community is a great place to learn about leather-related topics and connect with like-minded individuals.

What is r/lsf?

What is r/lsf?

r/lsf is a subreddit for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and allies (LGBTA) discussions. The rules of the subreddit are as follows:

-No hateful speech. This includes slurs against anyone based on their sexuality or gender identity.
-No personal attacks. This includes insults or making assumptions about someone’s intelligence or worth.
-No advertising. This includes posts that are deliberately trying to draw attention to a product or service.
-Please be respectful of others’ opinions. We encourage users to engage in thoughtful debate, but avoid personal attacks and insulting language.

The Rules of r/lsf

Rules of r/lsf

1. No personal attacks or insults.
2. No trolling or flame wars.
3. No advertising or affiliate links in submissions.
4. Keep submissions PG-13 or higher.
5. Do not post NSFW content, particularly images, unless it is explicitly tagged as such.
6. Do not post content that is inflammatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc., whether intentional or not.
7. Post concise and accurate information only.
8. Follow reddiquette when posting content to keep the subreddit running smoothly for all users.


If you’re a Reddit user and want to participate in the Leather Social Forum, then you need to be familiar with r/lsf. This is a subreddit where people who identify as leather-clad can come together and discuss anything related to their lifestyle. To join, simply create an account on Reddit and visit r/lsf. Once you’re there, make sure to read the rules before posting so that you are aware of what is and isn’t allowed on this forum. As long as you follow the rules, have fun, and stay respectful towards others involved in leather social forums like r/lsf, then you should be just fine.

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