How to use neon in your logo and branding

What is Neon?

Neon is a versatile typeface that can help you create an eye-catching logo or branding.

When designing with neon, keep in mind that its bright colors can be overwhelming if used incorrectly. It’s important to use neon sparingly and to pick the right colors for your project.

Some tips on using neon in your logo or branding:

-Select the right colors for your project.

-Choose a font that works well with neon. A good font to use with neon is Futura, as it has a retro style that goes well with the bright colors of neon.

-Be creative! so don’t be afraid to experiment. You could try incorporating neon into your logo or branding in creative ways – think collages, designs with light sources behind them or even tattoos!

How to Use Neon in Your Logo and Branding

Neon can be used in logos and branding to create a cool, modern look. Neon signs are often used in nightclubs and other trendy spaces, so using it in your logo or branding can give you that same look.

To use neon in your logo or branding, start by finding a good neon sign design online or on your favorite search engine. Once you have a good design, find a color scheme that works with the neon sign and start creating sketches or ideas for your logo using that color scheme.

Once you have a solid idea for your logo, it’s time to start creating mockups or wireframes. Create different versions of the logo using neon colors and see which one looks best on various backgrounds. If you’re not sure how to create wireframes or mockups, there are plenty of online resources available to help you out.

Finally, it’s time to choose a font and style for your logo. A good font for neon signage is something with an edgy look that will stand out against other fonts in the logo. Try choosing an all-caps typeface for extra emphasis. Last but not least, make sure to test out your final logo designs on different devices and browsers before you go live with them!

How Neon Is Used in Logos and Brands

Neon is the perfect medium for modern branding and logo design. Neon signs are often used in businesses to attract attention, and neon logos can be very effective when used correctly. Neon can be incorporated into any design, from a simple website logo to a complex corporate identity. Here are a few tips on how to use neon in your logo and branding:

Choose a Neon Color Scheme

When choosing a neon color scheme, it is important to choose colors that will work well together. It is also important to avoid using too many neon colors together; this can make your logo look busy and unprofessional. A good rule of thumb is to use two or three neon colors with other base colors, depending on the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Choose the Right Font for Your Neon Logo

When selecting a font for your neon logo, it is important to choose one that is both graphic and legible. Some popular fonts that work well with neon logos include Futura Neue, Roboto Slab, and Gotham Regular. When choosing a font for your logo, be sure to test it out in different sizes and versions of Photoshop or Illustrator so you can find the best option for your design.

Create an Eye-catching Neon Effect with Textures and Patterns

Adding textures or patterns to your neon logos can create an eye-catching effect that will draw attention away from the less flashy parts of your design. Try using textures like fractals, noise effects

Tips for Using Neon in Your Branding

1. Neon can be use in brand to create a live and energetic look.

2. Neon is a great way to add interest and energy to your logo or branding.

3. Neon signage can help promote your business and attract customers.

4. Use neon colors in moderation to avoid looking too garish or “glitzy”.

5. Choose neon colors that work well together for your brand style.


Neon is a versatile and trendy color that can be use in logo and brand. Neon can add a pop of color to an image, and it can also be use to create emphasis or call attention to specific areas of an image. When choosing neon colors for your branding, make sure that they are legible on all types of backgrounds.


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