Why Wakeid Is Different From Other Social Media Analytics Programs

What is Wakeid?

Wakeid is a social media analytics program that has been designed to streamline the analysis of your social media presence. Wakeid offers features such as real-time reporting, customizable dashboards, and advanced analysis tools.

What makes Wakeid unique is its focus on social media monitoring. Other social media analytics programs may offer limited tracking capabilities or focused on one platform over another. Wakeid offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help you track all your social media channels with ease.

Wakeid also has a wide range of integrations with other software, making it easy to integrate the data collected into your existing workflows. This makes it perfect for businesses who want to manage their social media presence effectively and efficiently.

What are the Features of Wakeid?

In terms of features, Wakeid is unique because it offers a comprehensive view of social media activity across all platforms. It combines data from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram to provide a comprehensive understanding of how your company is being perceived. Additionally, Wakeid provides real-time insights into how your social media efforts are impacting your bottom line.

Wakeid also includes powerful analytics tools that make it easy to track progress and make changes to your social media strategy. This makes Wakeid an ideal tool for small businesses that want to improve their online presence but don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to social media management.

Overall, Wakeid is a comprehensive and powerful tool that provides businesses with a clear understanding of how they are being seen online and the ability to improve their social media efforts.

How Does Wakeid Work?

Wakeid is different than other social media analytics programs because it uses natural language processing to analyze posts and tweets. This allows it to find the emotions that are expressed in these posts, as well as the keywords that are being used.

This information is then used to create reports that show the most popular topics being discussed on the social media platform, as well as which posts are getting the most engagement. This can help businesses learn more about their customers and how they’re interacting with their content.

Overall, Wakeid is a unique social media analytics program that offers a lot of value for businesses. It’s easy to use and provides detailed information that can help businesses make better decisions about their marketing strategy.

Who is Wakeid For?

Wakeid is for businesses that need to track the performance of their social media campaigns on a real-time basis. It offers businesses the ability to measure things like brand sentiment, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and more. Additionally, Wakeid can help businesses identify which posts are performing the best and what content is resonating with their audience.

What separates Wakeid from other social media analytics programs is its ability to provide detailed information about individual post performance as well as overall campaign performance. This allows businesses to make informed decisions about which posts to promote and how best to target their audience.

In addition to its robust analytics capabilities, Wakeid also has a robust reporting platform that makes it easy for businesses to view detailed data reports and make informed decisions about their social media strategy.


If you’re looking for a social media analytics program that is different from the rest, then Wakeid might be worth considering. Wakeid is designed specifically for small businesses, and it offers a host of features not found in other programs. Plus, its customer service team is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or issues you might have.

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