8 Hearing Aid Cleaning Tips to Follow

Hearing loss affects one in eight people in the United States today. But hearing loss doesn’t have to be an issue for you forever. One of the most common ways to start getting your hearing back is to wear hearing aids.

Wearing hearing aids enables you to hear sounds more clearly. It is perfect whether you have slight or profound hearing loss. But the question lies in hearing aid cleaning—how do you care for it?

Here are eight tips you should remember when cleaning your hearing aid.

1. Daily Wipe Down

If you wear a hearing aid, cleaning it every day is essential. To clean your hearing aid, use a soft, dry cloth. Gently wipe the surface of the hearing aid, being careful not to get any water or cleaning solution inside the device.

2. Remove Ear Wax

Ear wax is a natural substance produced by the body to protect the ears from dirt and debris. However, too much ear wax can cause problems with hearing. It is essential to clean your ears regularly to remove excess ear wax.

Use a soft, dry cloth to remove any visible ear wax. Do not insert anything like cotton swabs or fingers into your ear canal. It can push the wax further into the ear.

3. Use Correct Cleaning Tools

There are a few hearing aids tool that you will need to keep your hearing aid clean. The first tool that you will need is a soft, dry cloth. It will remove any dirt or debris accumulated on the hearing aid.

The second tool that you will need is a soft bristle brush. This brush can be used to gently remove any wax or debris that is lodged in the hearing aid. The third tool that you will need is a hearing aid cleaning solution. This solution will help to remove any bacteria or buildup that may be present on the hearing aid.

4. Rinse With Water and Store Properly

Rinse your hearing aid with water after each use. It will help remove any earwax that may have accumulated on the device. Use mild soap, such as baby shampoo, to clean your hearing aid once a week. Be sure to rinse all soap residue off of the hearing aid before using it again.

Store your hearing aid in a dry, safe place when you’re not using it. It will help prevent any damage to the device. These simple tips help keep your hearing aid clean and working correctly.

5. Dry With Cotton Ball

One way to clean your hearing aids is to dry them with a cotton ball. Please make sure the cotton ball is clean. Before you use it, gently wipe the hearing aid with the cotton ball. Don’t rub the hearing aid too hard, as this can damage it.

If there is any moisture on the hearing aid, make sure to dry it off completely. Once you’re finished, store the hearing aid in a safe place.

6. Debris Removal

If you notice any buildup on the hearing aid mesh, lightly dampen a cotton swab with water and gently brush the mesh until clean. Once a week, remove the hearing aid batteries and brush the battery compartment to remove debris.

It’s also essential to clean your ear canal and earmold regularly. Use a cotton swab dampened with water to lightly wipe the earmold, being careful not to insert the swab too far into the ear.

7. Remove the Battery Each Day

A critical tip for hearing aid users is removing the battery daily. It will help prolong the life of the hearing aid and keep it clean. Batteries can leak and cause damage to the hearing aid, so it is best to remove them when not in use.

8. Change Filters or Wax Guards

It would help if you changed your filter or wax guard every few months or as soon as you notice a drop in sound quality. Many people don’t realize the importance of keeping their hearing aids clean. The buildup of earwax and other debris can cause serious problems, including hearing loss.

If you’re unsure how to change your filter or wax guard, you can ask your audiologist for help. You can also find a hearing clinic that is dedicated to offering the best possible service. They assist in locating the best solution and provide a wide selection of cutting-edge hearing aid technology at affordable pricing.

Additional Tip: Avoid Extreme Heat or Cold

When cleaning your hearing aid, it is essential to avoid extreme temperatures. It means keeping your hearing aid out of direct sunlight and avoiding exposure to extreme cold.

If your hearing aid is damp, dry it off as soon as possible. If you are going to be in a hot environment, such as a sauna, take your hearing aid out beforehand. It is also essential to avoid getting your hearing aid wet, as this can damage the internal components.

Be Careful With Your Hearing Aid Cleaning

If you or a loved one wears a hearing aid, it’s critical to keep it clean. Regular cleaning will help extend the hearing aid’s life and keep it functioning correctly. Clean the hearing aid daily. Remove the battery daily and clean the battery compartment with a dry cloth. Store the hearing aid in a dry, safe place when not in use.

Follow these simple hearing aid cleaning tips so that it will work correctly.

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