Guide for Artist for How to Create an NFT

It’s very difficult to pinpoint exactly how many NFTs there are scattered throughout the digital world at this time. But some experts say that there might be as many as 11 million of them out there.

Still, you shouldn’t let this stop you from learning how to create an NFT. If you’re a small artist who is interested in trying to make NFTs, you should try your hand at creating NFT artwork.

Who knows? You might even be able to sell the NFTs that you bring to life once you’re done. There is a huge market for NFTs at the moment.

Want to figure out how to create an NFT? There will be a series of specific steps that you’ll have to take to make NFTs.

We’ve put together a guide on how to create an NFT as a small artist. Check out how it’s done below.

Start by Making Sure You Know What an NFT Is

If you’re going to take the time to learn how to create an NFT, it’ll obviously be important for you to know what an NFT is first. Otherwise, you might make the process of creating an NFT so much harder than it has to be.

An NFT is a non-fungible token. It’s a unique digital asset that will be stored on a blockchain. It’ll be unique to you once it’s finished since no one else will be able to copy it.

Once you’ve created an NFT, you can hold onto it yourself. But you can also attempt to sell it. There are lots of NFTs that are selling for big bucks today, which is why you might want to try to sell them in an effort to turn yourself from a small artist into a big one.

Discover more about NFTs here prior to putting together your first NFT.

Decide Which Blockchain You’ll Use to Create an NFT

As we just alluded to, NFTs are digital assets that are stored on a blockchain. For this reason, you’re going to need to figure out which blockchain you’re going to use to create an NFT before you get down to business and create one.

The Ethereum blockchain has turned into the go-to blockchain for many NFT creators over the last couple of years. So you might want to follow their lead and create your first NFT while using this blockchain.

But the so-called “gas fees” that are tied to NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain can be on the higher side. So you might also want to give some thought to using something like the Polygon blockchain that offers lower gas fees. It’ll be one of the most cost-effective options of the bunch.

Obtain a Cryptocurrency Wallet for Yourself

Once you finish creating an NFT, you’re going to need to have somewhere to put it. A cryptocurrency wallet can provide you with the perfect place to house an NFT until you decide what you would like to do with it later.

There are many different cryptocurrency wallets that you can use these days. You should read up on as many of these crypto wallets as you can so that you’re able to find one that will work well for your NFT collection.

The crypto wallet that you choose should offer support for the blockchain that you picked earlier. If it doesn’t, it won’t be capable of holding your NFT.

Use Your Cryptocurrency Wallet to Invest in Crypto

After you’re able to secure a cryptocurrency wallet, you should aim to fill it with at least a little bit of crypto. You’re going to need to use crypto to mint your NFT after you’re done creating it, so it’s a good idea to have it on hand early on in the creation process.

If you wait until the last minute to buy cryptocurrency and stick it in your wallet, it won’t be the end of the world. It’s usually easy enough to buy it almost on the spot.

But why wait until the very end to secure the cryptocurrency that you’ll need to mint an NFT? You’ll be so much better off having it on hand from the beginning.

Pick Out Which Artwork You’ll Use to Create an NFT

At this point, you’ll have the foundation laid for creating an NFT. It’ll be time for you to get to work on creating an NFT that you can put into your cryptocurrency wallet.

You will have the option to use either physical artwork or digital artwork if you would like. You should choose the type of artwork that you think will work best when creating an NFT.

If you aren’t someone who normally creates artwork on a computer, you might want to stick with using physical artwork. But if you’re someone who enjoys tinkering with art online, digital artwork could be the best option for you.

Turn Your Physical or Digital Artwork Into an NFT

Regardless of whether you’re going to use physical or digital artwork to create an NFT, you’ll need to work on bringing your NFT to life at this stage of the game.

If you’re going to be using physical artwork, you will need to either scan it onto your computer or use a camera to take a high-quality photo of it. If you’re going to be using digital artwork, you will need to create it in a program like Adobe Photoshop, Krita, or Affinity Photo.

You can then transform either of these types of artwork into an NFT. But you shouldn’t do it until you’re 100% happy with the artwork that you’ve put together. You’ll want to work especially hard on artwork that will be used for your very first NFT.

Finish Things Off by Minting Your NFT

When you have your physical or digital artwork all done, you can make it an official NFT by minting it. Minting an NFT refers to the act of putting it onto the blockchain that you chose earlier.

Minting an NFT can be complicated in some cases, as certain NFT creators will have to know how to code to mint one. But when you’re creating your first NFT, you should avoid coding and choose an NFT marketplace like Rarible or OpenSea that will handle the coding side of things for you.

All you’ll need to do to mint an NFT on one of these NFT marketplaces is:

  • Use your artwork to create a file format that is fully supported by the NFT marketplace you picked
  • Set up an account on this NFT marketplace
  • Upload your artwork onto this NFT marketplace and give it a file name
  • Sit back and wait while this NFT marketplace mints your first NFT

It’s as easy as that. As we said, you can complicate things down the line once you feel more comfortable creating NFTs. But at first, you should keep things simple and take pride in your ability to create an NFT.

Get Help With Creating an NFT If You Would Like

The global NFT market is expected to be worth more than $120 billion within the next 5 years or so. As a result, it’s very easy to find people working within the industry who would be happy to lend a hand to you when you’re trying to learn how to create an NFT.

If you run into any issues while creating an NFT, you should reach out to someone who has more experience in the NFT business. They can take your artwork and use it to create an NFT. They might even be willing to teach you the tricks of the trade so that you’ll know how to create an NFT from now on.

Think About What You’ll Do With an NFT Next

When you’re all done making an NFT using your artwork, you should put it right into your cryptocurrency wallet for safekeeping. Then, you should start to consider what you’ll do with it next.

Since it’s your first NFT, you might want to hang onto it. But you might also be interested in trying to sell NFTs in the future.

Selling NFTs can help you grow as a small artist and turn art into a more realistic career for you. It can also help you get a better grasp of the NFT business as a whole.

Now That You Know How to Create an NFT, Go Give It a Try

The first time you go to create an NFT, you’re inevitably going to run into problems. You’ll need to get the hang of doing it in order to fly through the NFT creation process.

However, you should be able to utilize this guide on how to create an NFT to put yourself in a position to start making NFTs. Before you know it, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t begin creating NFTs so much sooner.

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