Product Marketing vs Brand Marketing: What Are the Differences?

If you own a business, you likely (er, should we make that hopefully?) understand the importance of marketing. Most experts will tell you that you should spend of your company’s revenue on marketing each year.

But what business owners don’t always realize is that there are different types of marketing that they should do. It’s imperative that you do a combination of both product marketing and brand marketing.

So, what are the differences between product marketing vs brand marketing? That’s what we’re going to discuss today. It should help you comprehend why you need to blend both of these forms of marketing to launch successful marketing campaigns.

Learn more about the biggest differences between product marketing vs brand marketing below in our product marketing and brand marketing guide.

What Is Product Marketing?

Your business likely specializes in selling at least one product, if not multiple products. Product marketing will call for you to focus on marketing your company’s products to those who would be most interested in them.

As part of product marketing, you’ll need to identify the target audience for a particular product. You’ll also need to come up with clever ways in which to market that product to the masses in an attempt to drum up interest in it.

All those within your business need to be on the same page as far as how you’re going to market a product. Otherwise, it could create some confusion among your customers and lead to lower sales than you might like.

What Are the Benefits of Product Marketing?

There are many benefits associated with using product marketing vs brand marketing. For starters, product marketing is going to shine a spotlight on a product that you would like to sell to consumers and tell them why they should think about buying it from your business.

Even if some people might not be all that familiar with your brand, product marketing will, when used effectively, still have them clamoring for the product you’re selling. All of the focus will be on your company’s products versus on your company’s image.

Product marketing will also aim to teach people how to use your product and show them how it will solve a problem they’re having in their life. You should always put a ton of thought into product marketing before you launch a new product to your customers.

What Is Brand Marketing?

While product marketing tends to put all of the attention on the products that your business sells, brand marketing takes a different approach. With brand marketing, you’re going to be highlighting what your business is all about and showing people why they can trust you.

You aren’t going to tell people about any specific products when you’re creating a brand marketing campaign. Some products that you sell might appear in the campaign. But for the most part, you’re going to spend all your time touching on what makes your business so special.

What Are the Benefits of Brand Marketing?

Product marketing is really focused on the here and now. It’s designed to help you push a new product and increase your sales in a short period of time.

But with brand marketing, you’re going to be playing the long game. You’ll use brand marketing to increase the trust levels that exist between your business and your customers. It’ll make your customers buy into your business more and make them more likely to purchase products from you over time.

On a more basic level, brand marketing will also ensure that people know what your company’s name is and understand what you’re all about. You can improve your brand recognition through this kind of marketing.

It can be a little bit tricky trying to nail a brand marketing campaign since it’s usually going to be more ambitious than a product marketing campaign. But you’ll have to do it if you’re going to have any chance of building up your brand and taking it to the next level.

What Are the Differences Between Product Marketing Vs Brand Marketing?

Product marketing and brand marketing are both going to be beneficial for your business. Each of them can help to improve your bottom line in the coming months and years.

But the biggest differences between product marketing vs brand marketing are:

  • Product marketing is all about your company’s products while brand marketing is all about your branding efforts
  • Product marketing is typically done in shorter bursts while brand marketing is a long-term effort
  • Product marketing often costs less than brand marketing and only needs to be utilized for a limited amount of time

It’ll be your responsibility to pick and choose when you want to use product marketing vs brand marketing. You should be able to select the ideal times based on what your business is trying to accomplish.

You should also use the right CTAs when you’re doing product marketing vs brand marketing. Discover the answer to the question, “What is a CTA in marketing?”, to see how this can be done.

Use Both Product Marketing and Brand Marketing to Promote a Business

Of all the different types of marketing that exist, product marketing and brand marketing are two of the best. They’re each going to help you reap huge rewards if you play your cards right.

Just be sure you know the differences between product marketing vs brand marketing before you begin building your next marketing campaign. It’ll put you in a position to make the most of this campaign from the start.

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