Promotional methods that work: how to make your Instagram page go popular in 2022

Despite the common opinion, mutual following and liking are not the only things that were free and efficient if you needed to promote your Instagram page. To be exactly clear, those two tools are not working anymore, and spending time trying to make people follow you back just because they can is a totally dead case. But there are still methods and opportunities that you can use to give your profile a head start: in this article we will be reviewing three main ones, free and paid, the ones that you should definitely not neglect and use as a decent supporting tool for your page. Let’s start with the free ones.


  • First of all, you should learn how to use the hashtags. Those can do magic to anybody’s account if applied correctly, though somehow people negate this opportunity and go without them. This is a big pity: if you collect hashtags correctly, these can bring many new people to your page and make it thrive even if it has 5 posts published on it. Start gathering tags from the most wide term that you can use to describe your content and then narrow it down to the most specific term – include locations, dates, names if possible. You can use up to 30 hashtags in your posts, but we would recommend going by 10 to 15, so you won’t make your post look like a spam and littered one. Be careful here and choose only the terms that are very much suitable to your content. Don’t use the ones that don’t have anything in common with your posts, as this can lead you into the shadow ban.


  • Mutual PR is a thing and suits every account on Insta, even the one that has less than 100 followers. All you need to do is find a blog that has the same number of subs and ask if they are interested in exchanging audiences. Yes, those audiences are quite small, but if both of you have 100 subs, together you can have up to 200. This is helpful to both of you, and this is why most people usually agree if anybody writes them with such an offer. However, this option can easily be transformed into a paid one – you can write with such an offer to a big blogger, but in this case you’d have to pay them money for an ad. This is fair and this is a nice way for monetization, and most of the bloggers already have a price for the range of ads that they can offer to other content creators and brands.


  • Last but not least – you can buy Instagram followers or find the packages that are available for free. How is that possible? You see, the decent companies that do online promotion for quite a long time often offer their clients trials, so that they could understand whether they want to work with such a company or not. Those trials usually consist of 10 to 50 free subscribers, and this is still a nice booster to apply to your page. If you like the service, you can apply to buy real Instagram followers from them, but this time in a much bigger volume. So make sure to use a trial first, if there is such an opportunity, and always ask a manager if they are selling real subscribers or not. 50 fake subs are okay, but if you would purchase 100 or 1000 of fake subs, this is going to lead your online statistics into a very bad place.
    Instagram’s algorithms clearly see when somebody is using bots to wind up the development parameters of the page and they don’t like it at all. If you have 10 active subs and 500 inactive, Insta is going to perceive your page as fake as well, and your content won’t be recommended to real people from that moment on. So make sure to check what quality of the services there are and make the right decision to not buy the pack if it consists of fakes.


It is clear that the best results are going to happen if you combine all of these services at once and also pay lots of effort and attention to creating quality content and staying in touch with your audience. The second point is actually the most important one in terms of building a lasting bond with the people who are going to follow you and make them stay as your audience permanently. Ask for their opinion about your content, create contests and giveaways so that they feel entertained and involved. Paid services are only the support to your own efforts, remember that and organize the promotional campaign wisely and natural-looking.

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