A Guide To Extending and Renovating Your Home in Melbourne

Your family is growing, but your house is not. You are now considering moving to a bigger house, but moving to a new neighborhood in Melbourne can be costly and very stressful. 

What do you do? Renovate and build a home extension! — It’s a better option that is certainly cheaper than relocating.

What Is a House Extension?

Home extensions are enlargements to an existing property’s overall floor area. They involve adding another room or making a space larger while remaining at ground level. When it comes to home extensions, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Not all cities allow home extensions. Luckily for you, Melbourne does. Better yet, among the different cities that allow you to own a home and later convert it to meet your family’s needs, none comes close to Melbourne. It is a well-accepted fact that Melbourne’s residential housing stock has a big potential for home renovations and extensions. 

Home Renovations in Melbourne: Extension Costs

When it comes to renovation by way of extensions, the largest deciding factor for most homeowners is the budget. For us, the cost is solely dependent on the scope of work involved. For instance, for a ground floor extension, the cost could range from $127,000 to $130,000, and somewhere around $250,000 for the addition of a second story.

Well, this may appear hefty for a mere home extension, but a value addition of such magnitude to your property will transform your family’s standard of living. As listed on realestate.com.au, here is a breakdown of the average costs of common home extension projects:

  • New flooring: Up to $210 psm
  • Kitchen: Around $42,000
  • Additional bedroom: Around $20,000
  • Bathroom: Around $18,000
  • Deck or patio: Up to $450 psm

Top 5 Home Extensions Ideas in Melbourne

Here is a list of the current trends in house extension ideas that we hope will improve the living standard of your growing family:

  1. Install a Study Nook. In any unused or spare space, consider installing a minimal study nook with a modern edge to it.
  2. Basement. Digging out a basement however timely and costly will free up some space, making it easy to add a striking large kitchen.
  3. Home Office. With a busy family, you now need a private space specifically dedicated to conducting your work while at home.
  4. Bathroom. This may seem obvious, but funny enough, many plans forget this very important addition.
  5. Patio or deck. Australians are landscape lovers, and our houses need to reflect this. Living rooms that allow access to the outdoor are a growing trend in our architecture. This is also entertainment. So, don’t forget to add an enticing alfresco dining area easily accessible to your kitchen.

Let Us Help You With Extensions and Other Home Renovations 

Renovating a home is a job best left to the experts. That’s especially the case with extensions. To get a home extension that is both aesthetic and functional, employ the help of experts. 

And we are worth our weight in gold. Contact us to get to see your dream family home come to life!

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