Tennessee: Home Of The Canufa

History of the Canufa

The Canufa is a type of chickens that are indigenous to Tennessee. They are believe to have originated in Africa and were brought to the United States by the slave trade. The Canufa is a cross between a chicken and a guinea fowl, and was develope as a dual-purpose bird. They are use for their meat and eggs, but they are also considere to be poultry farmers’ favorite due to their hardiness.

What is a Canufa?

A Canufa is a unique type of drum that is play in Tennessee. It’s similar to a keg drum, but it has a handle on one side and a drumhead on the other. The drum is play by hitting the head with the handle, and the sound it makes is pretty cool!

How do we find the Canufa surname in census records and voter lists?


The Canufa surname appears in census records and voter lists from Tennessee. The first record occurrence of the surname in Tennessee was in 1820, when one person with the surname was record. Throughout the years, the Canufa surname has been found in various locations in Tennessee, including Williamson County (where the majority of occurrences occur), Shelby County, and Madison County. While not all of those with the surname were born in Tennessee, most lived here at some point in their lives.

Where did the Canufa families live?

The Canufa family lived in Tennessee. They were originally from the Canary Islands and settled in Tennessee in the early 1800s.

Genealogy of the Canufa

The Canufa people are a Native American tribe who were originally from Tennessee. The tribe is name after the canufa tree, which is a type of magnolia. The tribe first came into contact with Europeans in the early 18th century. They were initially trade to the British as slaves, and eventually escaped and resettle in what is now West Tennessee.

The tribe continue to live in that area until the late 19th century, when they were forcibly relocate to Oklahoma by the US government. In 1920, the tribe was allowe to return to Tennessee, where they continue to live today. The tribe has a population of around 1,200 people. They are currently engage in a lawsuit against the US government over their forced relocation.

Where Did I Come From?

Tennessee is know as the home of the canufa. This ancient musical instrument is made up of brass tubing and wooden blocks, and is say to have originate from Egypt. The canufa has been play in various countries around the world, and its unique sound has made it a favorite instrument of Nashville musicians.

Individual Storie

Tennessee is home to the canufa, a cross between a pig and a goat that bred in the state. The canufa is unique because it has both the ears and horns of a goat and the body of a pig. The animal is use in traditional southern cuisine, most notably as a filling for barbecued pork.


If you’re ever in the Knoxville, Tennessee area and want to explore some of the best canufa (traditional Middle Eastern musical instruments) around, be sure to check out the Hillcrest Arts Center. This venue is home to a collection of canufas that are on loan from various countries, and it’s easy enough for anyone to get a sense of just how varied this instrument family truly is. If you’re looking for an afternoon or evening out with some friends, but also want something interesting and engaging to do while you’re there, the canufa at Hillcrest Arts Center should definitely be at the top of your list.


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