Illinois was a hotbed of the Taffecs family

What is the Taffecs surname?

The Taffec surname is an ancient and noble name that originates from the County of Staffordshire in England. The Taffec’s were a very prominent family in medieval England, and many of them held high positions in the government and church. The Taffecs are believed to be descended from the followers of Saint Taffy, who was a 6th century saint. One of the most famous members of the Taffec family was Sir Thomas Taffy, who served as Chief Justice of England in the late 16th century.

What did census records and voter lists show?

The Taffec family is a well-known Chicago family with a long and illustrious history in Illinois. census records and voter lists show that the Taffecs were present in Illinois as early as the 1800s.

One of the earliest members of the Taffec family to arrive in Illinois was Nicholas Taffec, who came to the state in 1829. Nicholas was a French immigrant who settled in what is now Rock Island County. He quickly became involved in the local community, serving as a deputy sheriff and later as a judge.

Another early Illinois resident of the Taffec family was Nicholas’ son, Joseph. Joseph arrived in the state in 1849 and quickly established himself as one of the leading businessmen in Rock Island County. He founded a number of businesses, including a flour mill and a sawmill, and also served as president of several banks.

Joseph’s sons also played important roles in Illinois’ history. George became one of Rock Island County’s leading attorneys, while Philip became one of the state’s most successful businessmen. Both men served as governors of Illinois (George in 1904 and Philip in 1938).

The Taffec family’s presence in Illinois continued into the 21

What is the history of the Illinois Taffecs?


The Illinois Taffecs are a prominent and highly successful family of Italian-Americans from the state of Illinois. The Taffec family traces its roots back to the city of Turin, Italy, and they have been involved in the food industry for over 150 years. The first Illinois Taffec arrived in the United States in 1877 and started working in the food industry. Today, there are over 1,000 members of the Illinois Taffec family in the United States, and they are highly influential in the food industry. The Taffec family is well-known for their pasta brands, such as La Brea Bakery Pasta Company and Gold Coast Pizzeria. They also own restaurants such as Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Pizza Hut. The Illinois Taffecs are active philanthropists and donate money to charity organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Who are some famous Taffec families?

The Taffec family is a well-known family of musicians and musicians’ families in Illinois. The Taffecs are descended from a Sephardic Jewish family which migrated to the United States in the 1800s. Some famous Taffecs include brothers Dave and Rick Taffec, who are both well-known jazz bassists, and their father, Barry Taffec, who is a Grammy Award-winning classical pianist.


In this investigative article, we learn about the Taffec family and their connection to Illinois. The Taffecs were a prominent family in the state of Illinois during the early 1800s, and their descendants continue to live there today. We learn about some of the key events in the family’s history, as well as how they have impacted the state of Illinois over time. If you are researching your ancestry or want to know more about one of Illinois’ historically significant families, be sure to read through this article!


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