Marshalltown Animal Rescue League

What is the Marshalltown Animal Rescue League?

The Marshalltown Animal Rescue League (MARL) is a nonprofit organization locate in Marshalltown, Iowa that founde in 1974. MARL is dedicated to providing humane care and shelter for animals in need. They offer adoption services, provide education programs for the public, work with shelters in other counties to bring animals into their care, and operate a pet food pantry.
In addition to their work with animals, MARL also provides support to people who have lost their pets. They offer grief counseling, financial assistance, and help finding new homes for lost pets.
If you are in need of help or information about adopting or caring for an animal, please visit the MARL website or call them at 515-236-5387.

The History of the Marshalltown Animal Rescue League

The Marshalltown Animal Rescue League (MARA) was founded in 1981 by a group of concerned citizens. The league quickly became known for its innovative programs and services to the community. In 1987, MARA opened its first shelter, which remains open today. MARA is a not-for-profit organization that relies on donations from the community to continue its vital work.

MARA offers a wide range of services to the community, including animal welfare, rescue, adoption, education, and advocacy. The agency operates two shelters: the Marshalltown Animal Shelter and the Marshalltown Pet Adoption Center. In addition to providing care for animals in need, MARA also offers educational programs about pet care and animal abuse prevention.

MARA is a member of the American Humane Association and the Iowa Humane Society. The agency has been awarded numerous accolades for its work in animal welfare, including being named one of the Top 100 Outstanding Small Organizations in America by Forbes magazine in 2007, and being selected as one of the Top 10 Shelters in Iowa by Good Housekeeping magazine in 2006.

What Makes ARL Do Better Than Other Organizations?

Marshalltown Animal Rescue League
Marshalltown Animal Rescue League

The Marshalltown Animal Rescue League does a lot better than other organizations when it comes to animal care. The ARL has a dedicated staff and volunteers who are passionate about what they do. They make sure that each and everyanimal that comes into their care is given the best possible chance for a happy, healthy life.

How to Find Lost Pets and Help Them

If you’ve lost your pet, there are a few things you can do to try and find them. First, look in your neighborhood and around your home for the pet. If the pet is indoors, look for them in any of the rooms or areas of the house. The pet is outdoors, look for them near the home, in local parks, or on walks near by.

If you can’t find the pet at home or around your neighborhood, consider posting a photo of them on social media with the hashtag #FindMyPet and see if anyone has seen or heard from them. If all else fails and you’re sure you’ve lost your pet, contact Marshalltown Animal Rescue League (MARL) to see if they can help. MARL operates a statewide network of volunteers and staff who are familiar with Lost Pet Finder software and can search for pets in specific counties or municipalities.

Who Can Help End Homelessness in Animals?

There is no one answer to ending homelessness in animals, but there are many ways we can all help.

In addition, One key way we can help is by volunteering with animal shelters and rescue groups. This can give us hands-on experience working with homeless animals, which can help us better understand the problem and find solutions.

Other ways to help include donating money or supplies to animal shelters and rescue groups. This can help them provide food, shelter, and veterinary care for homeless animals. It can also help them build resources so they can continue helping homeless animals for years to come.

Whatever we do, let’s work together to end homelessness in animals!

What Is Cruelty and Why Are They Taking Action Against It?

The Marshalltown Animal Rescue League (MARC) is a non-profit organization that found in 1986. MARC is a volunteer operate organization that operates solely on donations and volunteers. MARC relies heavily on the public to report animal cruelty in order to take action.

Animal cruelty can be define as any act of mistreatment towards an animal, including. But not limited to kicking, beating, punching, tying up, burning,hunting down or killing an animal. Animal cruelty can also include neglecting an animal, such as leaving an animal alone in a cold or hot room, or depriving an animal of food or water.

MARC exists to protect animals from cruelty and to provide them with shelter. MARC also educates the public about the importance of proper treatment and care for animals.

In 2018, MARC took action against five individuals for their involvement in animal cruelty. Above all, The five individuals were charge with various counts of animal cruelty and were sentence to jail time, probation, fines or community service.

MARC is commit to taking action against anyone who mistreats animals and will continue to do so

Potential Challenges Faced by the Marshalltown Animal Rescue League

The Marshalltown Animal Rescue League (MARA) is a not-for-profit organization that founde in 2001. However, It is currently the only animal rescue league in the city of Marshalltown and serves as the primary provider of animal care and services in the area. MARA operates from a facility located at 601 West 3rd Street, and has a volunteer staff of approximately 35 individuals. However, The organization provides shelter for animals, conducts fundraising activities, provides animal education programs, operates a spay/neuter clinic, provides microchipping. Other services to needy animals, and offers 24-hour pet care. In addition to its core mission, MARA also strives to promote humane treatment of animals and to provide assistance to families in need.

One potential challenge that MARA may face in the future is finding a new location to house its animals. Moreover, The current facility is relatively small and does not have the capacity to accommodate the increasing number of animals that it has been able to rescue over the past decade. Additionally, MARA may need additional funds in order to maintain its operations at its current level. If these challenges are not addressed, MARA could find itself force out of business due to lack of space or funding.


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