Connection Between Your Oral Health and General Health

Everyone wants to live a carefree and healthy life, enjoying what matters most. Nevertheless, poor health has become endemic to Western societies, affecting millions. Furthermore, there is an established link between oral and general health. Here are a few connections between these disparate concepts, so you can stay informed.

Gum Disease Is Linked to Numerous Health Conditions

Researchers have discovered a synergic relationship connected to oral health and overall wellness. Since gum disease implicates multiple health conditions, it signals someone’s general well-being.

Consequently, the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry uncovered this link. Their research was able to demonstrate gum disease led to twice the heart attack risk. Moreover, somebody’s risk of stroke increased by three times if they had a gum infection.

Bacteria spreads rapidly when tissues are inflamed, entering other body parts. If a portion of the mouth is chronically inflamed, it acts as a portal for infections. Once bacteria enter the bloodstream, they spread to new areas fast. In some instances, they can migrate to the heart and exacerbate pre-existing issues.

Diabetes Has a Reciprocal Relationship With Gum Disease

Treating gum diseases can directly influence a person’s diabetic condition. Therefore, treating and controlling diabetes will improve their oral health. However, the exact opposite correlation is also true, giving people options.

For example, periodontal disease increases insulin needs, worsening diabetes. On the other hand, anyone can treat their inflamed gums and decrease their insulin needs.

Periodontal Diseases Increase the Risk of Alzheimer’s

The UIC College of Dentistry¬†saw a mysterious connection linking AD to oral health. Usually, people develop Alzheimer’s disease as they age, leading to degraded cognition. Thus, the older someone is, the more likely they will suffer from this issue. AD is a neurodegenerative condition triggering dementia and memory loss.

When mice are exposed to periodontal disease bacteria, they develop AD-like symptoms. Their symptomatology is similar to what is seen in traditional Alzeheimer’s cases. For example, they display neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration, and senile plaque formation. Even more significant, the tested mice had wild-type genomes, which occur in nature. Further, their neuronal tissues harbored infectious bacteria, suggesting the pathogens migrated.

Periodontitis Can Affect Brain Metabolism

In addition to triggering AD, these bacteria also influence the brain’s metabolic systems. As a consequence, the researchers noticed a reduction in brain-derived metabolites after infection. Thus, the scientists deduced there was decreased glucose bioavailability, affecting cognitive capacity. Since glucose is a requirement, the brain is starved of its primary energy source.

Additionally, the researcher’s findings show an impact on the liver and heart. The organ’s metabolic pathways may be slowed due to periodontal infections. As a result, fewer calories burn throughout the day, stored in fatty tissues in the body. Someone can implement a calorie-restricted diet and still gain weight if this is true.

Osteoporosis Can Be Exacerbated by Periodontal Bone Loss

Osteoporosis is a bone-weakening disease common in the elderly. Whenever people age, their bones may begin losing some of their sediment and weaken. Unfortunately, anybody can develop this and begin struggling to retain bone mass. However, this condition is connected to periodontal bone loss, making it worse.

Since certain drugs damage jaw bones, they are risky to administer. Yet, these are the same medications used to treat people with osteoporosis in many cases. Thus, someone’s chance of losing a tooth increases if they develop osteoporosis.

Pathogens Can Penetrate Inflamed Oral Tissues Easily

From HIV to heart disease, poor gum health increases your risk of infection. Since inflamed tissues harbor bacterial pathogens, they are frequently targeted by exogenous invaders. Consequently, everyone should require regular teeth cleaning as part of their daily regimen. You should visit an experienced professional at a clinic like Brand New Smile Dental Implant Center to reduce your risk of infections. Since the dentists provide thorough cleanings, they improve your typical health. If you are worried about catching a virus, clean teeth can be a great defense.

The Intricate Relationship Between Oral Health and General Well-Being

To acquire clean teeth, start by developing good habits and following them ritualistically. Use your resources and brush and floss daily to ensure oral hygiene. As a result, your body will be healthier, so you can feel happier.

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