Are You Planning an International Trip? Read This

Melbourne (the garden city) is the most populous city in Victoria state and the second-most in the country. The city used to receive millions of visitors every year, but Covid-19 has reduced that number. But after two years, the city saw a surge in international tourists. Though the pandemic is not over yet, tourists can visit the country with good Covid-19 test results. The same goes for you too. You need to do Covid testing in Melbourne if you want to go on a foreign trip. Every country has made this a policy, and there are no alternate methods.


There are about 7223 cases in Melbourne every day. Though the number is decreasing, you need to be careful all the time. Tourists spent a total of $8.2bn in 2019, and there were around 3.2 million international visitors that year.


Back to the original question. What must you do if you need to go on an international trip? The answer is simple; you need a Covid-19 test result. And not just that, you need to test negative in the test results. Then only you can think about even entering the airport.


There are several options to do the Covid-19 tests:

Taking the test is good, but you need to find the right place for Covid testing in Melbourne. These tests can detect both the SARS-CoV virus and the antibodies.


You can choose from the below-given test types:

You may or may not need to submit a particular result to the airport. Still, the airport authority and government favour and recognise the following.


Viral tests

The primary test identifies the virus in your body, i.e., the SARS-Cov-2 virus. The healthcare worker or nurse will collect the samples from your mouth/nose and use them for the test. There are two viral tests, Rapid Point-of-Care Test and RT-PCR Test.


Antibody test

This type of test can identify the SARS-CoV-2 in your blood. If you are worried about the word ‘antibody,’ it’s nothing. These are just proteins developed by your immune system to prevent infections. As it identifies the past infections in the body, you cannot use antibody tests to diagnose the present disorder. Also, if you take this test after the vaccine shot, you might test positive, which is the only issue with this test.


The next question that comes to your mind must be, ‘are these tests necessary?’ Since the virus is dangerous, you must take the test, and since you are boarding an aeroplane, the test result is like a passport now. Anyhow, taking the test is vital if the following things happen:


  • You are symptomatic
  • Before and after travel
  • If you come in contact with a person infected with the virus
  • If your doctor suggests


Covid test for travel

Going for the Covid testing in Melbourne is necessary. Every year, around 2,131,956 (Domestic: 1,826,843, International: 268,113) passengers go through the Melbourne airport. This number only shows how much risk it is to even enter the airport. That’s why the airport authority and Government have made the Covid-19 testing necessary for domestic and international trips. 


Always take a Covid-19 test at least one day before your trip, it will minimise the risk of spreading the virus, and you can avoid the argument with the authorities. For a smooth journey, carry the test result on your phone.

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