The ‘Taford’ Genealogy

What is Taford Genealogy?

The Taford genealogy blog is devoted to sharing information about the Taford family and their descendants. Whether you are looking for information about your Taford ancestor or just want to learn more about the history of the Taford surname, you will find what you are looking for on this blog.

How to Use Census Records

If you are researching your family tree, census records can be a valuable resource. Census records can give you an idea of how many people were living in a particular area at a certain time, and which families were most common. Here are some tips on how to use census records:

1. Get the full census record. Many censuses only include a list of people who were living in the household at the time of the census, without any details about their families. To get the fullest picture of your family history, you’ll need to order a copy of the census transcript, which will include all the information on each person in the household.

2. Check for duplicate entries. Sometimes families appear multiple times in a single census record. This can be helpful if you’re trying to track down your ancestors’ migrations or family ties across state lines. To find duplicates, search for specific surnames or locations within a given township or county.

3. Look for clues about your ancestors’ identities. Each person listed in a census record has information like their name, age, and occupation. Use this information to help you identify your ancestors and figure out where they lived during the 1800s.

4. Use the censuses to research family history. FamilySearch has indexed over 1 billion census records and allows you to perform free searches on their database by name. Use this database of census records to help you locate your ancestors. Related Genealogy Tools: Census – Free Quick Search Indexed U.S. Census Records & Resources

Time Periods and Census Records


In the early 18th century, a man named John Taford lived in Staffordshire, England. He had two sons, both of whom married women with the same first name: Ann. The couple had six children together, four of whom also had the same first name: Ann. Two of these children also had the last name of Taford: one was born in 1722 and the other in 1730. Unfortunately, we do not know what happened to any of the other four children. However, because all six of the children shared the same first name, it is likely that they were also related.

John Taford died in 1741, and his wife Ann died in 1751. Because there were no other records available to us, we are not sure when or where their children died or married. However, based on the fact that all six of their children shared the same first name and were related to each other, it is likely that they lived in close proximity to each other during their lives. We can only hope that one day we will be able to find more information about these fascinating people and their families!

Searching for a Specific Location

When researching your family history, it can be helpful to know where they lived and what neighborhoods they may have been located in. In this blog post, we will be sharing tips on how to research a specific location using social media and public records.

Begin by searching for any old photographs or newspaper articles about the neighborhood or location you are interested in. If there are any online databases that may contain information, such as,, or Google Maps Street View, explore those as well.

If you cannot find any information using traditional methods, consider reaching out to your relatives who may still reside in the area. They may be able to recall specific details about the neighborhood or house your ancestors lived in. Additionally, ask if they know of any relatives who may have lived there too and could provide additional information. Finally, consider contacting local historians or genealogists who specialize in that particular area for help.


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