UNO MOODLE: Innovation for Online Learning 2022


The University of New Orleans involves Moodle (UNO Moodle) as a facilitated, internet learning arrangement in light of an open-source Moodle center, as its focal course conveyance stage. Teachers of on the web, half breed and homeroom based courses arrange their Moodle course shells to convey content including schedules, strategies and data, addresses, tasks, conversations, tests and tests, visits, and grades.

Understudies partake by getting address content in different arrangements, submitting tasks, speaking with their educators and schoolmates, and getting to grades.

UNO Moodle is essential for our grounds single sign-on framework, meaning assuming you’re signing into your UNO email, you’re signing into Moodle, as well as the other way around. You can sign in from any Moodle interface on the UNO Moodle site, from a Moodle tile on your page, or by going straightforwardly to

Frequantly Asked Questions

Peruse the responses to much of the time posed inquiries about UNO Moodle. A portion of these connections lead to brief instructional exercises on an outer help site. If it’s not too much trouble, disregard any references to online classes and instructional meetings – all things being equal, get in touch with us by means of email or at (504) 280-5512 for preparing.

What’s my UNO Moodle login?

Your UNO Moodle username is your UNO email address. Your secret phrase is your email secret word. Assuming that you are signing in to your email, you ought to as of now be signing in to UNO Moodle. On the off chance that you are definitely disapproving of signing in as well as passwords, kindly call the University Communications and Computing Center at (504) 280-4357 for help.

How would I track down my courses?

You can see your seminars on the Course Dashboard page which shows up after you login to UNO Moodle. Assuming you have more established courses, you might have to pick “All” from the “Course Overview” drop-down menu.

Getting everything rolling WITH ONLINE LEARNING

Innovation for Online Learning

While individual classes might have explicit necessities, here are a few prerequisites for web based learning at UNO.

A PC or work area with a Firefox or Chrome internet browser introduced.

UNO Moodle runs best on these programs. A few classes might utilize delegating programming that experiences issues running on Chromebooks. The Earl K. Long Library has workstations that can run delegating programming for transient credit.

Dependable admittance to the Internet

  • On the off chance that you don’t have solid Internet access off grounds, you ought to do your coursework nearby.
  • Efficiency programming like Microsoft Office.
  • Office365 is as of now accessible to understudies at no expense. Sign in data and guidelines can found on your MyApps page.
  • Note: It isn’t adequate to compose papers on telephones or in note applications. If it’s not too much trouble, use Microsoft Word for composed tasks.
  • Admittance to a webcam, mouthpiece, and speakers.
  • Many course require the utilization of a webcam and mouthpiece for delegating administrations. Numerous others have sound and video parts. Understudies should have the option to collaborate with those parts, and might be expecting to make their own, also. The Earl K. Long Library has workstations and hardware for advance, if necessary.

Instructions to sign in to Moodle

To sign in, utilize your UNO email and secret phrase. Assuming you are disliking signing in or potentially passwords, if it’s not too much trouble, call the University Communications and Computing Center at (504) 280-4357 for help.

Instructions to Find your Classes

Whenever you have signed into Moodle, you will see your courses in the “Course Overview” segment of the Dashboard page. Kindly ensure you picked a view from the dropdown that permits you to see your ongoing classes. On the Dashboard page, you will likewise see impending due dates, tasks you have submitted for reviewing, and messages from your Moodle courses. You’ll likewise see a connection to see your schedule, which will show joins and due dates assuming that your educator has allocated exercises in Moodle.

On the off chance that you don’t see courses for which you have enlisted, the most probable explanation is that your instructor has not made the course apparent in Moodle; contact your educators to get some information about that. Assuming you stressed that you have been dropped from a course, actually look at your record in Webstar.

Uno Moodle Portal

Is it safe to say that you are attempting to login to Uno Moodle Portal)? The simplest method for doing that is to utilize the authority interfaces that we have given underneath. We keep each of our connections modern consistently.

In this way, assuming you at any point need to login to Uno Moodle Portal once more, you can have confidence that we will have the most forward-thinking and official connections accessible.

In the event that you need to login to Uno Moodle Portal, there is an extremely simple method for getting it done.

A great deal of sites will offer you tangled ways about getting it done. Notwithstanding, there is a lot more straightforward way. You should simply adhere to these basic guidelines underneath.


Stage 1 – Go to the Uno Moodle Portal official login page through our authority interface underneath. After you click on the connection, it will open in another tab with the goal that you can keep on seeing the aide and follow the investigating steps whenever required.
Stage 2 – Simply login with your login subtleties. You should have been given these by Uno Moodle Portal, either on join, or by your position of Uno Moodle Portal.
Stage 3 – You ought to now have a “effectively signed in” message. Congrats, you are presently signed in effectively to Uno Moodle Portal.
Stage 4 – If you can not sign in to the Uno Moodle Portal site, then follow our investigating guide, viewed as here.

Figuring out how to utilize Moodle

All understudies signed up for a course called Learner Orientation. You can track down it on your Moodle dashboard. It will take you through the essentials of figuring out how to utilize and grasp Moodle. It’s our best asset for assisting you with exploring through Moodle. You can likewise utilize this page, call us at 504-280-5512, or email moodle for help.

Utilizing the Moodle App

The application Moodle application we use is called Open LMS. It is accessible free of charge through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Ensure you are signing into in the application.

Kindly know that the application is restricted, and it’s not constrained by our specialty nor by our Moodle supplier, eThink. That implies there are many highlights that the application doesn’t have. Tragically, we have zero command over that. Note that specific Moodle exercises will expect you to utilize your telephone’s program to finish them, in any event, while utilizing the application. Assuming that is the situation, the application will give you a connection to open a program.

UNO’s Moodle site is responsive and works best utilizing a program on your telephone or tablet. Rather than utilizing the application, simply direct your program toward and you ought to have no issues.

Step by step instructions to see your grades

You can go to the class for which you need to see your grades and snap the Grades interface in the Navigation cabinet (three lines) on the left half of the page. You can likewise tap on the dropdown menu close to your name at the upper right of your Dashboard page to get to your Profile. On the Profile page you will find a Grades Overview connect that shows your typical in each course and connections to your gradebook in each course.

If you don’t see a course in your Dashboard, don’t overreact. On the off chance that your course isn’t accessible by the main day of class, email your teacher to ask when they intend to do as such.

Utilizing web based administering

UNO utilizes two unique web based delegating administrations, Respondus and ProctorU. You can figure out more about the two of them here.

Respondus Lock Icon Respondus

For tests and tests that occur inside Moodle and don’t need booking, UNO utilizes Respondus Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor. Respondus has no understudy charges or expenses. Understudies will toelling for following the Respondus prompts to download or open the Respondus Browser when they access the test or test. Respondus deals with no telephones or android gadgets. Chromebooks work with Respondus in Moodle yet some of the time require cleanup of stored information. Understudies ought to look at the Respondus Knowledgebase whether they need directions with clearing store or having some other Chromebook-related issues.

The Earl K. Long Library has a predetermined number of PCs prepared for taking tests involving the Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor for understudies who don’t have their own PC (telephones and android tablets won’t work with Respondus). To guarantee you will approach a Respondus-empowered PC when you really want it, if it’s not too much trouble, hold a library PC one basically a couple of days early. The prior you reserve your spot, the better!

Kindly note that Chromebooks don’t work with Respondus in Pearson’s My Lab surroundings. Understudies with Chromebooks ought to want to involve an alternate PC for MyLab tests. They might save a library PC if necessary.


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