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In order to use PearDeck, teachers must first sign up for a free teacher account on the PearDeck website. Then, teachers can use their Google or Microsoft accounts to sign in. Once you’re signed up, you can sign in using your Google Slide or Powerpoint Online presentation. Next, click the “Join a Presentation in Progress” link to join the presentation.To start using the PearDeck joinPD feature, you need to sign in with your Microsoft or Google account. Once you’re subscribed, you can use all the features of PearDeck.

Google or Microsoft

To join a presentation in progress, you must have an account on Google or Microsoft. You will need to provide an access code to students before they can join. Once they’ve signed up, they’ll need to enter their Google or Office 365 credentials. Once they’ve signed in, they’ll be prompted to install the PearDeck add-on on their computer. This allows you to monitor your students’ progress while you’re away from your computer.

PearDeck Allows

Once students have signed up, they can join your presentation. If your class is in progress, they’ll see the same slides you see on the projector. They’ll even be able to respond to interactive slides. The best part is that PearDeck allows you to see student responses in real time. You can also lock student screens to prevent them from interacting with each other. This way, students won’t be disturbed while your presentation is taking place.

Joinpd Profiles

If you have never signed up for Joinpd, this may be a good place to start. You can download the app on iOS or Android. The app is very useful for recruiting employees. It allows you to create presentations and send them to your participants. Once they sign up, you can control their actions, including editing their answers. It is a great tool to keep track of the progress of your students and employees.

About JoinPD

The best thing about JoinPD is that you can share your presentation with other teachers and students. You can even give groups access codes to members of your class. Once you’re done teaching, you can keep track of your students’ progress and make updates to your presentation. There are a lot of ways to collaborate with others. And since you can share your presentations with other people, you can also let them join in if they’re on Facebook.

Google Account

PearDeck: JoinPD is a social collaboration tool for presentations. You can collaborate with multiple people simultaneously using its web platform and mobile app. The web platform allows you to use collaborative drawing and commenting, while the mobile app lets you upload sketch paper and whiteboards. If you don’t want to use a Google account, you can also use a Microsoft one instead. In addition to Facebook, you can use JoinPD with your Google or Microsoft account.

How to Generate Joinpd Code – Mejoress

How to generate Joinpd Code – is a simple procedure. You need to provide the joinpd code to the creator of the presentation. You may also get it from someone else. Then, you can use the code to access the presentation. This step is necessary in order for students to participate in a presentation. You need to provide this code to them in order to access the presentation.


If you are trying to join a session, you can use the link that is already present in the dashboard. The link remains active for one week. You can join the session as an anonymous user. If you want to be visible to others, you can log in with your Google, Microsoft Office 365 or Facebook account. You can also use your password to access your profile. For premium users, you can also access a Dashboard view.

JoinPD Presentation System

The JoinPD presentation system can be used in online courses, as well as in schools. With this system, students can ask questions in real time. The pandemic is having a negative impact on education. With this presentation platform, students can engage in live classes. The advantages of using JoinPD over Pier Deck Presentation System are numerous. This tool will enable you to engage with your students.

What is Joinpd – Login Tutor?

What is JoinPD – Login Tutor? This tool offers a variety of tools for teachers to help make learning interactive and easier. It is free to use and does not affect the relationship between the teacher and the student. You can easily create presentations and share them with your class using this tool, which allows teachers to track students’ progress. There are many features available with JoinPD. You can learn more about it below.


Teachers can control what their students can do in the classroom by using JoinPD. It allows teachers to restrict a student’s access and prevent them from editing their answers. It also helps teachers monitor student progress and see how they are doing. The teacher can also create presentations and monitor the answers and progress of all students. The student account can be added to the class and given access to it. The teacher can manage the answers of their students and can control what they can and cannot do during the presentation.

Manage their Progress

When teaching with JoinPD, teachers can limit what their students can do.The benefits of JoinPD for teachers are numerous. With this tool, you can teach your students and manage their progress in a more controlled environment.

Compatible Con – Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-On

When it comes to PowerPoint Online, Pear Deck is one of the most popular tools. This add-on lets you make interactive presentations with pre-made slide templates. It also allows students to join the presentation, and they can interact with the content in any way they want. This add-on requires a few specific settings that may not be convenient for all users. For instance, you cannot use it with a single slide.

Pear Deck Add-On Allows

The Pear Deck add-on allows you to integrate various forms into your slides. Its user-friendly interface allows you to make your presentations interactive by including text, images, and YouTube videos. It also saves to Google Drive, and is compatible with all versions of Google Slides. While some users may find it difficult to integrate the two programs, there are many benefits that come with using the same application.

Google Slides

Pear Deck for Google Slides allows you to create interactive presentations with YouTube videos. The tool also allows you to add questions and other content to your presentation. It’s best to use this add-on with Google Slides and make the most of it. Its unique features will help you engage your students, and improve your teaching. The Pear-deck add-on will make your presentation interactive with Google Slides.

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