Must use the Standardized Games.

The Standardized Games can be a great learning tool for students. Unlike the Base Game, which has many simple rules and requires no preparation, the Standardized Games are more complex. Players bid on position in turn order every turn. Because of this, players must carefully plan how much they can raise before each turn. This can be especially challenging for new players, who may be too afraid of the bankrupting cash requirement. Also, a game’s turn order is not always consistent, and a player may leave himself with insufficient cash to make it through one entire turn.

The Standardized Games format has been in place since the third-generation consoles came out. The first standard year was introduced on February 9th, 2010. It’s the most recent year in the game’s history, and it was officially announced at Blizzcon on February 19th. The sixth-year announcements include the removal of the Basic set and the introduction of the Classic format. There are some nitpicks when it comes to the Standardized Games format, but it’s a good thing that the developers have taken the time to clarify their intentions.

The Standardized Games are more difficult to learn than the Base Game, and the changes in the rules are very different. The only difference between the two is that the Standardized Games require players to buy capital only once each turn. They can’t raise money in other phases, and they can’t sell their capital for more than the cost of it. But the other benefits of the Standardized Games include the fact that they are faster to learn and don’t interrupt the flow of learning.

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