Who is Meena Harris: Some Interesting Facts About Her

Meena Harris: A Very Interesting Woman

Meena Harris (Meenakshi Ashley Harris) is a well-known American lawyer and the author of children’s books. She is supporting many charities too.

1 – Meena Harris’s Childhood

2 – She Is an American Lawyer

3 – Her Books

4 – Charities

5 – Conclusion

Meena Harris’s Childhood

Meenakshi Ashley Harris was born to Indian parents in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, on February 18, 1961. Her father, Muthu Chandrasekharan, was a chemical engineer, while her mother, Eswari Chandrasekharan, was a dentist. Meena has one sibling, a brother named Sivan. Meena spent her childhood in Chicago.

I started reading when I was a little kid, very young. My father had a small stationery store and we always had stacks of books from which I would help my mother stack and shelve. I loved to read all kinds of books — science, math, sports, social issues, and fiction. I’m a voracious reader. My mother used to keep reading materials at the house for me. The latest book I read was Clive Cussler’s book on the submersible Inky, which I had lying in my room.

She Is an American Lawyer

A woman of many talents, Harris’s legal career started as a graduate of the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. She went on to have an impressive career as a New York associate at an international law firm. It was during this time that she also got her first book published.

The character of Meena Harris in Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Larsson’s last book before his death in 2004) was heavily inspired by Meena Harris.

She Was The Official Colleen Pero Sex Symbol

Although Larsson had used Meena’s voice and identity (and name) to add an interesting aspect to the story, it was her illustrations in the book that really made it popular.

Meena’s Oldest Child

Meena had an unusual upbringing.

Her Books

According to her website, her children’s books are “diverse” because she works with children from various racial and economic backgrounds and has a background in the law.

Some of her books:

This Child I Hold in My Arms

A Little Peace and a Little Harmony

The Good Little Boy

The Curious Rule

Positive Warrior

Just for U

The Amazing World of Baby

On Long Spurs and Other Sordid Stories

Everything’s Great! And then you die


Somewhere In Time

Meena’s Charity

She has been supporting cancer survivors by selling donated red hats in Chicago and throughout the U.S.


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These celebrities have done their bit and with their hard work, they have gone a long way. Their great achievements are a source of inspiration for all the women who are capable of achieving many things in their lives. These individuals also inspire us to work hard for our goals.

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