The Top 10 Facebook Features That You Aren’t Using in 2022

The Top 10 Facebook Features That You Aren’t Using

Section 1: Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories – are these only available to businesses or can everybody have them? If you have used Stories in the past you’ll have no problems using them on Facebook but many people do not even know about them and for the most part most are not even aware that Facebook has their own Stories feature.

With Facebook, Stories can be anything from creative photos and videos that tell a story of what has happened in the past few hours to artistic, animated and original text. It’s like a creative, interactive online version of your Facebook news feed but a little bit more personal and possibly even more entertaining. Stories come up in the News Feed whenever you scroll down and, as the name suggests, they’re pretty short as you can only post your most recent Facebook story at any one time.

Facebook Messenger

The list of best Facebook features is long, some of them are actually common sense, and some are truly innovative. But many users still aren’t using some of the best features in their Facebook apps, including Messenger.

Here are the top 10 Facebook features you are not using yet.

1. Tap on Messenger notifications and choose a specific conversation

You have hundreds of Messenger conversations going on, and some of them are private. These chats are saved for offline viewing, but they have not been moved to a separate folder or sub-folder inside Messenger.

The Marketplace

Facebook is also very good at advertising, and it has a whole slew of targeted ad options built into the Facebook Ads Manager.

If you’re interested in a particular type of advertising or if you just don’t feel like digging through the Facebook Ads Manager, the Marketplace has a great tool that lets you connect with local advertisers.

Scrutinizing A Facebook Ad Before You Click On It

Before you click on the ad in question, it’s a good idea to look at what it will do to your Facebook account.

For example, if it’s an ad for a dating service, check out the permissions it will ask for. See what privacy settings the app is asking for and then pay close attention to the messaging it uses to describe itself.

As a general rule, only click on an ad you find truly useful.

Facebook Watch


Amazon Prime Video



Many of these social networks, services, and more are so popular that people routinely lose track of how much time they spend there. But what about the very best features? Facebook, for one, has grown from a college-only social network into a major social network, all thanks to its array of intelligent and efficient features. Here are the top 10 Facebook features that you aren’t using.

The Facebook Live feature is Facebook’s slickest feature, and it’s at the top of this list. It’s free to use, and anyone can use it to stream themselves performing a series of actions. Think about it as a live photo that’s looped. A young lady you follow could be doing something cool, and you could watch her do it via the Live feature.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups may be the best feature in Facebook. You can stay up to date with the people you care about, stay informed, raise funds, support causes, connect with old friends and make new ones. They are an underused and underappreciated tool, which is disappointing because it could be one of the most powerful tools on Facebook.

Do you have a group? If you don’t, here’s a list of 10 must-know Facebook groups to make your experience better.

10 Top Facebook Group Features You Aren’t Using

1. About

While most people know about the About tab, not many know the other features are even available. About includes places for you to set up your business and another tab that lets you collaborate with your team.

Games on Facebook

The Facebook App

Facebook Groups

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That’s what we’ve found over the past two weeks while testing the current

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Groups for Everyone

The Top 10 Facebook Features That You Aren’t Using

Social Networks: Asking Facebook, Do You Really See What I See?

From emailing your friends to posting updates to Facebook, the modern social media channels are packed with features. These are usually “social” features because they’ve been built to make interacting and sharing on one of these sites more social.

The below are my picks for the top 10 social features of Facebook and Twitter. While some of these are “real” social media features, others are unique user features, like the ability to have location-specific hashtags.

1. Facebook ‘likes’

When you use Facebook’s algorithm to create a timeline of your social activities, this can then be used to determine which posts are most popular or important to you.

Reviewing Posts

Thinking Of Changing Your Profile Picture? How About These Simple Updates?

The Top 10 Facebook Features That You Aren’t Using

Facebook is full of exciting features, and you can thank Facebook’s powerful Graph Search for that. With Graph Search, you can pull up business pages, high school classmates, your classmates, celebrities, places, jobs, and so much more. This feature opens a whole new world of exploring, learning, and ultimately, communicating with the people in your life.

For the majority of people, Graph Search is still incredibly novel, and some people may have never had the opportunity to check out what they have to offer. Still, there are some other features in the Facebook mobile app that are still finding their niche.

Messenger Day

Screenshot: David Murphy

Mentioned in this article Messenger Day (Android | iOS) Free, Messenger (Android | iOS)

Messenger’s “Day” feature has a few purposeful downsides. First off, you’re gonna use it more than you realize if you’re on Facebook. After all, everybody’s there, and everybody’s in that popular phase of boredom where they’re spending their evenings eating Big Macs and looking up old high school classmates. The second problem is that you’re probably gonna be in too deep before you know what’s happening. The top features on the Facebook feed are indeed a little too easy to miss.

In case you didn’t know, there are some pretty important things going on with the Messenger Day feature—like the fact that it isn’t actually a feature.

What is messenger day?

Calvin shared a lot of great things in this post. It was a really great read. I was excited to read what was going on with his next and final book. He still plans on publishing it on November 1st, but for now, here is a top 10 list he published on Facebook recently.

Here are the top 10 Facebook features that you aren’t using!

By DJ Calvin

Put down your phone. Yes, I know it seems impossible. You live and die by Facebook, so it’s definitely very tempting. The problem with that is that you won’t have the ability to communicate with friends like you once did.

There’s a lot of great things that Facebook offers that you aren’t using. Here’s the list.

Top 10 Facebook Features You’re Not Using


ubsection 9.2 How do I use messenger day?

Today, February 10th, is Facebooks Groups Chat Day! But, what if we were to take that an a logical step further? How would this look like in the world of Facebook advertising? This is what the the following list of Top 10 Facebook Features You Aren’t Using looks like to me.

1. Free Page Views

Yes, Facebook have a slogan that says they are the news feed for your business, but they are also the news feed for your mind, so give it a try! Ask your visitors to ‘like’ your page to receive free Facebook ad impressions.


ubsection 9.3 Who can I chat with on messenger day?

founder says, that you can never go wrong by mentioning someone’s name first in Messenger conversations.

“Dread not the one who comes in your door to make amends! Who can you talk to about anything? Don’t let the sorrow take over you. I am here for you.”

jesse says, instead of starting a dialogue about any one person, you can share the story of your life in the simplest of words. You can share links, songs, art, or just photos and talk about how you appreciate it.

“If you want to listen to a song that reminds you of another person, share it. If you want to see a movie, you can. If you want to talk about the difference between these two restaurants, share it. All of these examples are great ways to open up communication.

ubsection 9.4 Who can see my chats on messenger day?

anvilcloud 2

Top 10 Facebook features that you aren’t using by uno1dollarcosun (451k likes) on Last Sunday | January 29, 2018

Can you remember the last time you updated your privacy settings or controlled how your personal information is shared? Remember when you could log into Facebook and just see what your friends had posted? However, Facebook has changed a lot in the past decade. Facebook has changed in significant ways to better the world in which we live in. A good part of that change is due to the changes in technology and social media. However, Facebook has also changed to increase profits. Many users of the social media giant have resisted these changes and have actively sought ways to reclaim control of their personal information.

ubsection 9.5 Who can see what I post to messenger day?

WTFabsection 9.5 Who can see what I post to messenger day?

jafabsection 1 What happened to the chat notifications? ive seen the exact same thing for 2 weeks now. Why does it always freeze every time i load?

JamesP1011 1 The implementation of this feature is actually quite well done. An option for turning notifications on/off is provided to allow maximum freedom to the user.

joe99990 1 Sadly, these new features do not benefit any users. If I post something, then that is how the post will show up for my friends, whether they use messenger or not. Thanks facebook!

EdAtwoxt 1 Hi, if anyone is interested the notes on the new messenger: https://www.facebook.

Section 10; Conclusion

This is one of the most read pages in the whole site. Every single time I see someone on the bus with a tablet or smartphone, I have to ask them how to get the browser to open Facebook. They all give me a puzzled look, as if Facebook doesn’t have these capabilities. This page, and the one about Chrome’s interface, are the most commonly asked about topics.

Why you should care about these Facebook features

You should care about these Facebook features because it is your friend. Your mother is your friend. You should care about Facebook because of your FB friends.

Facebook is like an old friend that you see often. They are kind and generous, and they listen to what you have to say.

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