Most interesting facts about dengue symptoms

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral illness also known as “breakbone fever” that causes headache, muscle and joint pain, and a high fever that can persist from 2 to 7 days. It is caused by any one of four related dengue viruses—Duffy-negative (DENV-1), Duffy-positive (DENV-2), DENV-3, and DENV-4. The viruses are spread by mosquitoes which feed mainly in the daytime; however, they will bite humans at any time of day if hungry enough or if there is no other food source nearby.

How to reduce the risk of getting dengue fever

To reduce the risk of getting dengue fever, avoid areas where mosquitoes are prevalent. Wear clothing that covers arms and legs during endemic periods. Use insect repellent on exposed skin. The use of mosquito nets, mesh screens, closed doors and windows, and environmental controls is recommended only in the case of high burden of disease. No vaccine is available for dengue fever.


– Avoid exposure to mosquitos as much as possible – avoid insect bites, wear long sleeves and pants if needed

– Use mosquito nets only in the case of high burden of disease

– Use mosquito repellent with DEET

– If you can’t avoid mosquitos, consider using insecticide (e.g. residual spray) in your house to reduce the mosquito population

– Use screens to close windows, doors and other openings in your house

– Environmental control – ensure that water does not stagnate around your house; check roof gutters for stagnant water;

What are the Dengue virus treatment

Dengue fever is a painful and debilitating mosquito-borne disease caused by any one of four closely related dengue viruses.

Dengue can be treated in three different ways:

management of pain and inflammation,

reduction in the severity and duration of the infection, and prevention of complications.

Treatment focuses on relieving the fever, pain, and other symptoms through medications.

Acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol) can be used to manage fever and pain; nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, e.g., ibuprofen) are often added to help with inflammation.

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