Tree Masters – Pete Nelson and His Treehouses

Those who have dreamed of living in a treehouse may want to consider Pete Nelson, the world-renowned treehouse designer. The award-winning architect and artist use a combination of science and art to design his creations. His designs range from an 800-square-foot Texas treehouse with a full bath to an Irish-themed cottage and a spa retreat.

Florida Georgia Line’s treehouse retreat

Located in the North Georgia treetops, the Bed Bough Treehouse is a rustic retreat with lux beds, antiques, power, and AC. This secluded treetop escape is a perfect getaway for two couples or a family. It sits on a working farm, offers gorgeous views, and features an outdoor kitchenette.

A couple who wants to get away from it all will love this secluded retreat, which is on 80 acres. The treehouse features a fully equipped kitchen, four bathrooms, a hot tub, and a living room with a fireplace. It even has a custom dog house for Smoke.

Treehouses have been featured in Architectural Digest, Harper’s Bazaar, and Travel + Leisure. They are often described as romantic, unique, and relaxing. They are also perfect for a weekend getaway.

Pete Nelson’s treehouse empire evolved from a side gig to a full-blown treehouse empire

Touted as the official treehouse of the Nelson family, Tree Masters Point is not short on trees. Aside from the obvious treehouse, the list of trees also includes an offshoot called the Nelson Family grove. The grove is a maze of towering pines with some of the best spruce in the region. Aside from the trees, the grove is home to a surprisingly high density of Douglas fir and Sitka spruce. Aside from the aforementioned trees, the grove also boasts several notable liters such as the tiniest treehouse in the grove. The aforementioned treehouse is a nice place to hang out with the family and is a veritable showcase of the ilk of the Nelson family. The treehouse is not without its kinks, but it does make for a nice family get-together and good old-fashioned family fun.

Nelson’s treehouses are available for $125

Besides building treehouses, Nelson’s family runs an online store called Be a Tree, which sells treehouse-related gadgets and gizmos. Nelson has three children, one of whom is a master carpenter. Another is in charge of operations. Another child works in the family business as a mail-order specialist.

Besides building treehouses, Nelson has a knack for marketing. He hosts a TV show on Animal Planet called Treehouse Masters, which is also a reality show. And he’s got a backlog of 1,700 requests for treehouses.

Besides his treehouses, Nelson also runs a mail-order business and has an online store. The store sells merchandise and is stocked with items ranging from under $10 to well over a hundred dollars. There are even DIY treehouse plans available for a modest $125.

Nelson’s treehouses aren’t fake

Whether you’re a treehouse enthusiast or not, you’ve probably heard of Pete Nelson. He’s been in business for almost thirty years and has built close to four hundred structures. He’s reportedly the world’s most prolific treehouse builder.

The most notable thing about Nelson is that he doesn’t take credit for his accomplishments. As for his responsibilities, Nelson is the CEO of the Nelson Treehouse and Supply company, which is headquartered in Fall City, Washington. It’s also the host of the “Treehouse Masters” television show.

Nelson also makes an appearance on Animal Planet’s “Myth Busters” television series. He’s also the man behind the most expensive tree house in America. He built the treehouse for Ronald Rae, who was a fan of Nelson’s treehouses from the get-go.

Nelson’s treehouses aren’t your traditional tiny house TV show

Rather than build a traditional tiny house, Nelson has crafted treehouses for many families. His designs are based on the personality of each client. He prefers to use reclaimed wood and recycled materials, ensuring that his structures will be both durable and sustainable.

Nelson’s Christmas treehouse, for example, has a well-equipped kitchen and a cozy interior. It’s also solar-powered and features a stained glass window. His newest book, Be in a Treehouse, focuses on the technical aspects of building a treehouse, as well as best practices for professional contractors. It’s a great book for armchair dreamers, but also a helpful resource for professionals who are constructing treehouses.

Nelson also owns three treehouse resort properties in the United States. He built the first major treehouse when he was 25. Today, he has a backlog of requests for treehouses from his clients, which he answers through his treehouse-building business.

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