Rechargeable Batteries – A Complete Guide To Buy The Best Product

Batteries are the best energy storage options. Almost every item that uses electricity will run on batteries. Batteries are portable, so they are called the portable storage of energy. A good battery will help us to use energy efficiently. That is why choosing a good battery is essential. A high-performing battery will save energy for a long duration.


How To Choose Batteries

The size of the batteries will vary depending on the type of device. So before selecting a battery,¬† do not forget to check the device’s instruction manual to learn about the different types¬† and their uses.


Rechargeable Batteries vs. Single Use Batteries


Single-use batteries are a cost-effective option. Single-use batteries have an excellent shelf life, and they are widely available. However, there is a drawback; single-use batteries cannot be used repeatedly as they are not rechargeable.


Rechargeable batteries are more expensive than single-use batteries. Such batteries generate minimum waste.However, when purchasing a rechargeable battery for home or workplace, it can be reused by charging it repeatedly.


Before buying a battery, it will be good to know about different types of batteries and the basic working pattern.


Basics Of Batteries


AAA, AA, C, and D batteries are the basic models which are commonly available. These batteries have positive and negative terminals. Inside all batteries, there is an electrolyte that helps conduct electricity.


When putting the battery to work in a device, the positive and negative nodes will interact with electrolytes, and oxidation occurs. This chemical reaction helps the ions and electrons pass through the electrolytes and produce electricity.


Over time, the internal terminals will degenerate, and the battery becomes unusable.


Types Of Rechargeable Batteries


  • Lead – Acid batteries – These batteries are the basic type of rechargeable batteries. They are made of hard material and are very powerful. Lead-acid batteries have a long shelf life. They last for 3 to 5 years. People use these batteries in wheelchairs, electric vehicles, and golf carts. However, the negative part is that they contain Lead, a poisonous material.Due to this reason, when disposed of, it pollutes the environment.


  • Nickel – Cadmium batteries – Nickel – Cadmium batteries or NiCD batteries are standard in cameras and devices.They are powerful and they produce a very high electrical current. However, their charging capacity is low. Due to this reason, nowadays they are not much in use. Cadmium, one of the components of NiCd batteries, is also toxic to the environment. So this type is not an environment-friendly option.


  • Nickel – Metal Hydride batteries – NiMH batteries are more powerful and they have better storage capacity than NiCd. A well-maintained NiMH battery will last for almost 1000 recharges for three years. Fortunately, these types do not contain toxic metals like Lead and Cadmium.


  • Lithium – Ion batteries – Li-ion batteries are common in many devices. They are lightweight and easily portable. They have high capacity and can store power for a very long time regardless of their use. For recharging always use a good quality li ion battery charger.This type of batteries also have a drawback, as they contain an electrolyte that is most inflammable. So it has to be stored within a safety circuit. Nowadays it is easy to connect with manufacturers who sell high quality household appliances mould. Durable protective cases are available from such sellers and such boxes can be used as protection for the batteries.


There are other rechargeable batteries, like Nickel Zinc batteries, Lithium – Ion Polymer batteries, and alkaline batteries.


Tips For Maintaining Rechargeable Batteries


  • When charging the batteries, always use a powerful charger of high quality. Always select a suitable charger for the batteries. There are various options available to choose from.
  • There are batteries with different voltages and efficiency. Different types of batteries should not be mixed and used inside a device.
  • Batteries must be well maintained.It is a must to check the battery caps frequently for any accumulation or presence dirt particles. If so, it needs to be removed using proper cleaning solutions.
  • Batteries are always prone to damage during the winter season. Always use durable storage boxes or tamper proof tapes to cover and store them safely.
  • Always use chargers with the same capacity to recharge the batteries. If the chargers are of different capacity, it will damage the battery’s functioning.
  • It is not good to leave the batteries charged for a long time because it will decrease the lifespan of the batteries.
  • Once the battery is drained, it must be kept outside the device.
  • It is not advisable to expose rechargeable batteries to high temperatures or sunlight for an extended period.
  • For better performance, it is better to do reconditioning frequently. Battery reconditioning will help the batteries to regain power and efficiency. A rechargeable battery will gain stability after two or three uses.



As batteries are the energy storage option, they must be maintained well. This article gives a detailed view on the basic working pattern of batteries and the essential things to look for when buying a rechargeable battery. When choosing a battery for a house or office, consider all these points and purchase the best one. Only then the batteries will perform well.










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